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Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

I tot I will blog first before I go out!

Later too many things to blog I also will blur....

Met up with Noelle on Thur for coffee! She said no time shop for present and got me $100 Tangs Voucher. Muakzzzz

We went to Liquid Kitchen and it was empty.......Nah....They specially open the smoking area for us!

The nice deck!

Noelle Darling! Muakzzzzz


We had.......fondue.....so sinful...

Went to do my nails yesterday at Lynette's place!

My hand! Damn chio!

U so happy! (To contact her, look out on the left side)

In her shop!

Getting out for the night!

Sial.....I so pretty! Ha hahahahahaha

I received a boquet of flowers and got a lovely ring from someone special!

The lady being loved!

P/s: Thanks to everyone for so wu sim!

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hi chio bu...I like the hollow ring which u wore...may I know where can you get it from?...Tks!
Happy Belated Birthday ! Stay happy !

Avid reader
Happy belated birthday dear! Sorrie! I didnt know that it was your birthday!! Ooops. =p Glad you like your manicure! :D Muacks! Take care!!

Finally, in time to deliver your present to you. Been very busy and your place is like so out of the way.

Surprise !!! Your birthday gift is hanging on your door.
Woa... ur toenails are so sexy when painted like that...
i'm so bore here as i was forced to be on duty today in the office ! so don't mind me, I just going to insert a comment on every blog that i'd read today...

learned from your previous post, you are coming up to KL right ? when will that be ? let me treat u a cup of coffee if you have the time ya...
Hey there. saw dat u been to liquid kitchen!! was there 2 days earlier, n i was sitting at dat exact same seat as ur fren Noelle.

Very nice place, very cosy!!!
Your site is interesting with lotsa of pics. Enjoy your site for some time before i decided to start my own.

Continue writing and posting. Enjoy your blog.

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