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Monday, October 16, 2006

Lao Niang getting old....

I been busy....

Everyone is chasing me......

Life Insurance, investment planning, medical benefit, car insurance, work and even the fucking fitness centre is chasing me...

I am busy....very busy...

I got so many things to do and I really need some time myself, I dunno where to start and I manage to find a little time now to blog because I need to email my clients.

Year end is coming and this is the peak period for the models.

Anyway, a few more days is my birthday.

Hitting 24 is not as scary as it seems but I think I would be brawling my heads out during the marking of my 25th birthday. What a sad thing to know that upon filling application forms, u got to tick the 25-30 range liao.... =(

The reason for not celebrating this year is because:

1. I hate hate hate the fact that I am not VERY young anymore.

2. I would end up getting pissed drunk and need everyone to carry me home. (I do this almost anytime, anywhere no matter is my birthday or not)

3. I would want to celebrate it with people who are special to me then to ignore and neglect them in the past. (I am popular mah and imagine I will take how many days)

4. Times are bad so dun see me better, u dun need to buy me presents. (Those who meet me one, MAI SIAM HOR!)

5. I need a break. I havent been going for holiday or even anywhere for the past 2 years and I am tired.

Well, thanks to Miko and Des Des darling, I got a sponsered trip to KL with Miko! We are taking a coach on Mon morning. Poor Miko sure damn tired because she will only fly back to Singapore on Sun night.

For those of u who WANT give me present but dunno what to buy because I seriously dun need anything now wor.....wishlist as below:

1. Diamante Black Watch (Cheap one never mind but must be chio and I havent found one nice enough)
2. Bird Nest! (Which lady will hate that, never a wrong present)
3. Christian Dior J'adore Perfume
4. Nicci Ricci Premier Jour Perfume
5. Polaroid Camera

I really got nothing much to wish le. What I want I can buy, What I wish u cannot afford....

I promise I blog soon.

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Hey, I check your blog daily.
Just to say, my birthday is just a day advance to your birthday.
Cheerz to October babes!
May I know what is Diamante Black Watch ah ? Sorry I sua koo.

Diamante is a brand or simi? Eh the black watch I give you , go where liao ? Don't tell me you dropped it or lost it ? =S
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Wah lao...24 only KPKB....I 5 yrs older than u how? think later i go jump into boat quay liao la...

haha...jokes aside,

Happy Birthday to you Apple.
coooool gal.. u r still young la... wait till u hit 30... then start screaming...
hi babe, saw u tt dae outside orchard mrt bt pai sey 2 walk up 2 u. anyway, hv been checkin ya blog frequently...

sweet 24th bdae. may all ur wishes and dreams be fulfilled. u're always missed by me.
Hmmm...so u are coming to KL to celebrate your B'day huh ? Well, if time permit, hope I can treat you a drink then...
Numbers doesn't mean anything....the most important thing is...YOU LOOK YOUNG!! (^_^)
Hey Apple,

I hope I got the correct one ... It says Nina Ricci Premier Jour, machiam orange orange glossy squarish box, correct?

You haven tell me whad is Diamante Black Watch leh? Eh, my RADO go where liao ah ? =S
Saw you in Ntuc income the other day.
You look so much prettier and slimmer in real life! Too shy to say hello to you
i swear christian dior J'adore is nice. i've got one myself ^^
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