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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What is happening to this world????

Yesterday at 3pm, I was driving past Northpoint and a van reverse into me.

I was going straight and suddenly I saw to my left, the backside of a van.

The picture like this

The reason I am posting this up is because not only I nearly got the shock out of my life when he nearly had me killed but he shove responsibility.

After he reverse into me, he and I got out of the vehicles, he keep apologizing to me and said that it was a blind spot and he did not see my car.

I check myself and my car and him, making sure we were both alright.

He gave me his namecard and I said I will contact him again because afterall, I am a girl mah, what can I do?

When I sms him yesterday, we came to a mutual agreement that I will take my car to his workshop at tampines on sat to check out the damage.

Actually, I was not intending to create much trouble because afterall, both of us are fine and I had plannings to respray Xiaohei to pinky next year

What went wrong was when calling him today, he said that his company (company's van) said that both parties are at fault and ownself pay the damages.

Wa lao, what damages he have I really dunno...... my car still quite new lor and my heart damn pain.

So instead of settling this calmly, which i tot he just pay a small sum, appease me and I can let the matter rest.

HE IS BULLYING ME!!!!!!!! *sob* *sob*

Xiaohei's damage...A small paint dropped off.....

The scratches near the tyre (i saw it just now only)

The side mirror was badly scratch =(

If anyone staying Yishun, at 3pm, witness the whole thing, pls contact me. Can u kindly spread to ur relatives?

A girl can be bullied is it?

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apple go and report police leh..
don't wait leh...
dont be dumb can.. no injuries.. police ask u fly kite..

U have no choice but pay yourself i guess.. damage too small to claim..premium will be up...
Rule Number 1: NEVER agree to go to the other party's workshop.

I hope you've taken down the driver's IC number and vehicle number, not just his name card.

Tell him that, if he doesn't want to pay, you will claim against his insurance. Sure, it may not be true, but you can always scare him a bit and see if he changes his tune.
Maybe it's a trick to get customers for his company. To create damages for repairs, but too insignificant to claim insurance...
i guess there's nothing u can do now coz it's your word against his. Even if u have witnesses, so wat? Unless u wanna sue him then the witnesses would come into play. Take this as a lesson learnt. If u need contacts for a good spray paint workshop to fix ur scratches, drop me an email at jermy76@myself.com
oh ya, to add, if u can, get a quote from a workshop. If it's cheap, dun claim from ur own insurance coz ur premium will go up & might affect ur NCD. No choice have to pay from ur own pocket
Shd have ask him to write a statement admitting it's his fault and willing to pay for the damage. Take down his IC number, license plate number and check if he has a driving license. Take picture of damages of both car with HP or cam.
If he reverse out, he shd check on coming vehicle. Cun be your fault. Tell him u found witness. If he dun pay up u'll take legal action against him and the company. The damage on both your car is best evidence. Even they sprayed the car can still check from their workshop for evidence.
u need to report police in order to claim against his insurance. Can also ask police what's your rights.
Frankly speaking...from e photo u have taken, and if u are coming from the left(since u said u turn left and saw e van), it is more of your fault than e van's fault. When e van is reversing, it is totally blocked by e big lorry and it's impossible to see you coming. You should have horned him when u see him reversing, but i guess u wasn't paying attention also that's y u din see e van reversing. The van will be at fault only if it's reversing at a fast speed and not giving you time to react.

Anyway, you can try going to the company and talk to the boss. Tell him the driver already promised to pay and should honoured his words. DON'T go to the police, that's e most stupid thing that you can do.
Wah no take pain of him. Shan mah can na be sad for other people bullying you. Leh. Mebbe you get lunch from his first, wor!
I am actually very upset with the comments...

Did u READ carefully???

I was driving STRAIGHT and he just reverse into me, got it???? (The picture is not taken on the day itself)

Lao Niang where got time to bloody horn his car?????

I didnt want to make a big fuss out of it but it was him who said is his fault and willing to pay for my damage then now he said both party at fault....

Where is the justice????
Actually I did not even want o persue the matter but since it is his fault, i cannot let him get away mah.

I feel that since both of us is alright can already.

All of u know how busy I am and now because of some small scratches, I got to waste my time to settle the thing.

I create a big fuss now because I feel there is no justice and I am determine to find a witness. To prove my innocence.
Its just minor cosmetics, suggest you go ahead with your Pinky project coz paintshop will do complete sand down and touchup too.
Hi Apple, conclusion is that, the guy is now scot free. Solution now is that, if you are respraying to pink, you leave it till respray. The sprayer will touch up for you if you have any dents, don't worry. If you want to cover the scratch up in black, i estimate your cost will be about SGD 350-400.
Hey Apple, this is truly a scam! Be careful, that's why he requested you to go his workshop! He's a crafty!!!!
how could it be your fault when HE REVERSED INTO YOU??? whack them la!
I hope the culprit gets caught soon, babe. Such detestable people should not be allowed scot-free! All the best!

love, LG
Actually i agree, its not totally the van's fault. Normally esp like Yishun Northpoint, there are always loads of cars there. And when you turn there, should prob proceed with caution, and to be more observant, or if you see a van like coming out, can alwaes give a small horn for signal. Thats the purpose of the horn.
Not everytime you got the luxury of time to horn people. If got the time, accident would have been avoided by braking or steering away. Delivery man are always rushing so it's not surpise that they get into accidents due to carelessness. And he did admit his fault. The boss will definitely not pay for him. If he pay himself will cost him a bomb. Like how many week of his pay. So guess what happens next?
Looking at it, if there are so always so many big lorries there, the Van driver should park with it's rear in first. Then it will be easier to come out and have a clear view. Why didn't he do that? Cos lazy lor. Go in easier and fast mah. So go pay for the price. This is what I call short sightedness. When driving pls think and plan.
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