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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My God.....

My god..... I wonder are these 3 siao eh ur friends?

They are very hilarious lor!

Tong Gim Zi Pai Eh Gangster simi also can do wor!

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Ms..this video long time ago liao...its by royston tan..the movie is call 15....
I bursted out laughing just seeing
the video~

Even though I can't understand the dialect very much (Hokkien???)

The way they 'dance' by swaying
to side to side make me *LOL*!!! :D

Like this also can Rap! *Haha*!!! :D

Best Wishes, Vivien aka MiniViVi
wah lau... i'm really left speechless... this is classic.
its from the movie 15. i think this video was since 1998 if i'm not wrong..you're many years outdated =)
NNB... like this also can siah. haha.
damn stupid.
Omg, girl thanks for sharing. This is amazing insane funny. You go girl. Do take care of yourself.

Love you lots,
Linda :)
lynn: wah you soooooooooo happening ah, 1998? its from 2003. not bad huh you even know about it before its created, you're many years backdated =)
the clip was from a short film about gangsters that royston tan made long long ago.
it was THIS short film (forgot what's it called)that inspired him to add more scenes and lengthen it to become 15 (the movie)and be released in movie theaters commercially some years AFTER the short film.
long long ago? more like just in 2002. ya lah, u win lah, u know all about it. you are royston tan, happy? damn childish man.
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