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Sunday, July 30, 2006

A date.

Was so busy that I hardly have the time to go out, let alone meet anyone.

Life is such that u are so busy with ur future that u neglect ur current affair.

I am working hard for my future and I am been very tired yet sometimes I get so free and so lonely.

Wanted to meet my friends but dunno who to call and dunno who is free.

Mr Ng brought me out to this place called "Turquoise Room" @ Lock Rd for lunch.

Nice place to relax.

Away from all the traffics and people.

I love it!

Food was not much but it was delicious though.

The white embience, my fav colour!

The deck for smocking!

Me! Still as lovely?

The ikea sofa..... (Mr ng told me de)

He had pizza...

I had tuna sandwich!

Our sinful dessert!

Me, going to the deck for a smoke and some mags.

I think I am going thin....

Listless eyes....


Playful look!

The nice greenery!

Went to Boat Quay and saw my friend, Catherine!

After taking trishaw for the first time in my life from Empress Place to Boat Quay, we founf this place called Hideout.

It was a place to relax and to chat.

The 2 busy people always trying to find places to relax!


Must miss me k!

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Think u slim down le.. look much better.. yet.. like ur previous self more..
well.. life is like that. "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller
anyway wanna look for someone can look for me lah. ;p
never ganna fuck tat nite?
Very nice heels! May I know where you got them?
omg!!! when i'm trying hard to slim down over here.. got ppl like miss apple got too bz with work, and slimmed down!! I'm jealous!! I ALSO WANT !! ;P
u really slim down le...teach me how can???though we dunno each other,my fren recommend me to read ur blog...read thru ur previous blog...not bad. keep it up!I know u busy...but i also wana check wif u whether u gt free time for part time jobs? tat time i post on frenster a post abt PT jobs.u replied me...but then posts were taken up already so didnt get back to you....=)
look great.. and oh~ nice top ^^
hi bitch, r u still a virgin?
That's a nice place! Emm....I should pop by when I got a chance (^_^). Nice outfit by the way!
hi Apple =) priscilla here! don't know if u remember me, i worked with u at the millenia walk road show with sharon and gracia =) you're looking really pretty! blessed with such a nice bod la! and ur complexion getting better already. hope you like ur new job =D have fun and take care babe!
well, cant you just stop your nonsence and dont disturb her? Like you got the right to comment on her blog. She is pretty are you so jealous? If you are a guy, the thing is, you dont have a education thats why you come here to make a fool of yourself. If you are a woman, you are just too jealous.
you really live up to ur name! ^.^ the name apple, not poisonlady... cos ur face really like apple shaped. cute~ :)
apple you slim down le! still as pretty as ever. Love to read your blog. Keep it up!
seriously, u look like u belong to a cabaret. a ladyboy cabaret that is. perhaps u shd audition for it somewhere in thailand. and since u love photowhoring so much, the more u shd try it out for ladyboy cabaret. u get to collect tips just for posing with people. =)
Best regards from NY! » »
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