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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gan Busy....

No update because Lao Niang Gan busy...

Lots and lots of photos to show but no time to put up...

My schedule is packed till next week even on sundays.....

Lots of stuff to do...

I love u people, wait patiently hor...

Bu Yao Bu Yao Wo....


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we're always here to read ur blog.. hehe... busy also must rem to eat & drink more water.. take care (Ade)
Bz is a good thing.. :)

Jiayou! And we will definitely wait for ur next update.. :P

- Alicia
waiting patiently for u.
Bump into yr site, read few entries, hmm...nice humouring things you write. I like. I like. Brings smile to my face.
ei, you are a real ah lian la, and u look horrible, and vegetable. change make up okay.
R u really 24? u look older like 35 like tat...i can't believe it!
Take your time to put up those pics, we have infinite patience. Keep it coming. :)
dun be thick skin ... nobody wants you anyway.... :P
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