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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Late Photos...


I know I never update...

Pls bu yao bu yao wo, can.

I will try to update more often....

I wonder how many readers I have now...

Anyone free to suscribe a counter for me?

Thanks wor!

Photos for last week.

Going to sleep now.

Took MRT with Miko....

MRT Wor!! 1/2 year no take le....I cannot drive cos I drinking....

3 of us reaching first...

The birthday boy! Clyde, my cousin hor!

Marilyn and Ju! Miko, Noelle and I shared a coach key pouch for her cos we know she love coach!


I miss u, u know or not!!!!

Noelle and Ju!

4 of us again! Pls noted my face... I cannot take a decent photo thruout...


Tommy arrived shortly!

Noelle and Clyde!

Me and Ju Ju!

Mar and Noelle!

Still short no matter how high she wanna jump.....

Drink and Drank for me!

I am still ok....

Clyde and Friend!

Simon arrived with his big camera.... -_-

Max darling also arrived!!!!

This photo suppse to have me and Tommy nia lor....

Haizzz....dun blame him...he not young anymore...dunno how to act cute understandable...

Er...someone... dunno the name...Noelle's friend

Nico was there as well.... I think I high le....

I know I told u I will remember ur name but solli....forgetful is my middle name... u r?


No way!

I not kisiao... I high le!

The guys!

Clarence arrived in tie....

Everyone wants to pull! For luck or for what I dunno...

Terence who bought me drinks the other time! thanks!

Er....Single yes.....gay no ba....

Yup.... I got drunk....

Never meant to get drunk but never expected I cannot hold my liquor well at all...

Thanks to the people taking care of me again.

I promise.... I try not to pi....

I hate it too!


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one hell of a gan si lang havoc girl..

but i thought tts pretty cool?

well done babe....keep up the good work. kind of incredible that u still rem to take pic in the mist of having your fun. Looking forward to more crazy pic.
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Nice blog and pictures.

---> Rubber
u hiao vian chee bye
seriously you look like a lao lian,and yr features are damn too fake for yr body mate,u u do have a nice body man
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Best regards from NY! here
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