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Monday, May 15, 2006


Some previews of my shoot...

Think we took about 100 over photos but only some came out nice.

My hair was too messy, the road was tough to walk in high heels and the mosquitos are killers!

The back of my thigh alone have about 9 bites and the whole leg got about 15 bites....

Sleeping was a torture for me......

Anyone know how to heal it?

I do hope my photographer give me the rest of the photos soon....

My hair!!

How come my hair so pong???

Hair too messy lor...

I love this the most!

Love me? Love me not....who cares

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the B&W one chio!
i prefer ur smiling shots. ur dao look not nice. face shape dont suit that look. u still look gd.. tho the shots taken are a lil porn star-ish.
i love u coz u veri blur haha, and funny.. of coz pretty! Nice shots babe! :)
3rd one nice shot. too bad hair messy.
So where did you took all these shoot? concurred that ur smiling shoot is better coz you have a charming smile. No doubt your figure is fantasic so keep it this way...
I like the second shot!
They're all pretty hot.

Like 2nd and 3rd one best.

B&W shot very classy...!
I love the 1st & 3rd pic most :)
Frankly speaking, u do have the potenial to become a porn star, anyway do u make any special home video?
the 1st pic is nice. ur smile is so sweet. =)
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I like the 2nd pic also.. Hot!! Nice legs.. Droooooooools!!

-- Bui Chio Act Chio, S.B. Hiao oso.. U're not considered pretty, but i must admit u try very hard to be pretty. No offence, just my opinion.=)

darling, how r u??? long time no hear from u, noe n ko wor... thought u gals forget about SK liao siah. miss u gals badly lay...
hey..Nice photos..btw the 2nd one look...erm can tell us why you found your camera ah?...very curious leh
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i so like the first shot. it looks good. =)
Sweet! Stay happy...
hi, don't think the 1st photo is very flattering though you really got a great figure tt i envy.

the b&w one is artistic! :D
i still prefer the pictures of you when in other posts. i think its the clothing or lighting.
You look like a 40 year old porn star.
too mmuch makeup I think and the photographer sucks.
Best regards from NY!
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