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Sunday, May 07, 2006

My New Baby...

Hi Guys!

I miss blogging and everyone complained that my blog getting lesser and lesser posts...

Aiya... People now busy wor...

I busy with earning money mah... I damn broke now...

I am still blur lar as always....

And I am missing alot of my friends who I did not contact for some time.

I did not meet Mr Ng much also (He very kelian lor)....we meet up usually on weekend so pls be expected to see alot of our photos for weekend posts...

Thanks for being my supportive readers!

I got a new baby! Nice???? I am SOooooooooooo happy! Mine is white!

And damn clear....

5 megapixles!

Off to do a wine event on sat!

All wines!

The place!

The pretty ladies!

Angeline! (I forgot to get ur number leh)

Wendy Jie!

Cat! Long time no see sial!

Pam Pam! Still elegant looking!

Cat & Pam! They look quite alike wor...



The craved watermelon that they want to steal home.... but never succeed lor...

Mr Ng picked me up!

Happy Happy!

Mr Ng! (he damn zi lian also)

We went for Steamboat!

He eats alot!

I need to slim down abit first...

My dinner, lunch and breakfast...

Went to clark Quay to walk walk and saw the girls!

Hahahaha I no need to do show!

Found Haagen-daz!

We are sucker for desserts.....

We are trying to gain weight meh?

Me! Shacked out with only 4 hours sleep...

He loves to capture me on his phone...

2 siao lang keep taking photos...

Tired liao...

DAMN NICE!!!!!!!!!

I got sore throat lor... I tried to kill myself....

With Love,

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s500 is GOOD! Its easy to use and SLIM!!! haahaas.. which colour did you buy? ((:
Hey, am ur fan! Is Mr.Ng ur bf? Why dun u blog about how u guys got together/met if he is ur bf :D
I saw u at hagen daz! I was just outside the window and saw u snapping ur photos away.. heehee..
genevieve.. its white colour. she told us in her entry.
ehh how come u pay for tat ?
very chio camera, gui lui?
You are a beauty ;P
heyZ.. i saw u at the steamboat place when you were sitting on the same side of the table as mr ng. could you review whether the food there is nice? thanks!
hi hw much u bought for the casio camera? thks tk k
wats the casio model?
where is that steamboat place?

and the camera is casio exilim s500...
Nice camera! Glad u got new one.

Even nicer pix! Really Chio!
You and Mr. Ng was shopping in Bugis on Sat huh.

Wanted to say hello, but then u walked a bit too fast. You look great in the white top and blue skirt.
Apple! is Mr Ng yr bf? Taoyan. tian mi mi sia. =P
Aiyo...so many people saw me ah??? Next time call out to me leh! Then i can show off my camera..hahaha

The camera i bought online second hand for $400...is it cheap? Only 6 mths old..

Noelle just bought a 6mp red one for $569 @ Mustafa and mine model cost $539

The steamboat okay lar, very "chin dan" cos the "liao" not marinate de...I dunno how much leh cos not I pay de..

Want good steamboat try "Mushroom Pot" at Orchard OG...VERY SHOIK
nice blog.. mr ng ur boyfriend?? good ah, got someone to take care liao
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