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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nothing to blog leh...

Sorry wor... I am really busy...

Some of u who had saw me "somewhere" will know I what I been doing and I am really tired...

Thanks for saying Hi to me!

Thanks for all the lovely mails I received! (I do hope all of u got my reply)

Tomorrow is the celebration for my darling, Miko's birthday!

We are not going to do it at devils this time...but I think I cannot tell u where ba...

if u see us tomorrow, pls do walk over and wish her a Happy Birthday, k!

I am sleeping liao....got a long day tomorrow....

I sum pa.....


Alcohol is the best to destress after a hard day's work!

Me in working suit on Tue before going to my hip-hop class....

Met up with Noelle to go together....

Our sinful "dinner".....Mine actually... I love cakes!

Good Night all!

Hope u all had a great long weekend!


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take care babe.. =)
no comments doesnt mean no one reads! i like your blog! =)
hey apple =) its me! pris! love your blog =D really alot of pictures! oh! and i saw ur friend stella on the mrt the other day =) hehe...hope to work with ya again! have a great weekend babe! ciao!
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Hi! I love the black working skirt u wore! It's so chic! May i know where did u get it and how much did u pay for it? =)

Cheers! Enjoy ur weekend~
God u're so kelian. No comment. Muahahaha
it's so nice to read ur blog..and u r so pretty too....
hello, i wonder what is your profession. it's ok if you don't wanna tell, im just curious, cause by the way you dress, you sure must be someone who's highly paid right?
Haha jurong bird park sia.. i just went to the zoo the other day. I think animals are more fun than birds ba.. :P
WAHAHAHAHA I never approve all the comments... No wonder..my god..

Solli solli...

Erm... i work in the sales line...wear like that look high paid meh??

funny leh...
Keep up the good work »
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