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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I know how to cook hor...

Before I post up my chio photos....

(If u think I am not chio then just go away lor, why make ur life so difficult?)

I got a post dedicated to u...

Flamers, click

Mummy was cooking dinner and I tot I give her a helping hand. She ask me to cook eggs...

Before I even got started, I had the pan on "zi bu" huge fire cos got water drip into it.

Mummy stunned...

I also stunned...

Both of us still wondering want to cook or not but if dun continue, we will kena from alot of people....

Supposed to be round round nice shape de but I cook until....haizzzz

Daddy woke up wondering what's the arguement and start to "haolian".... Haizzzz I know is round round de...

He even can flipped with right hand and half-chicken wing on the other hand....haizzzz

Not Lao Niang cannot cook hor.... I long long long long long long time never cook liao, u know.

I used to cook dinner when younger but as my 2 lovely grow up hor....

I can just shout "PQ/PX, can cook for me? Pls....."

They will cook for me even though is maggie mee only lar...

I only know how to bake... solli...

Anyway, the event I was worried about finally end successfully.... Rachael and Zeta!

Sherry Babe and Lawrence!

Me and Sherry!

Zeta and Lawrence!

Zeta and Sherry!

3 of us! We holding the gun because it contains tequila! Very fun!

Elvin join in the photo-taking session!

The tequila babes!

Woooohoooo! I love the girls!

The Tequila gang!

Erm....got videographer also.....

I blocked someone's head again... =(

Knock off le! Off to newton for supper!

Phew....finally is over...

Me going to eat dinner now le...

Will blog again.

Love u guys,

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sherry didnt wear bra leh. can see the neh neh pok. she like do implants if im not wrong.
yeah was wondering if sherry wore a bra...can c her nipples...
me noticed her nipples too and i agree it looks like she has got implants wor.
u are really one CONFIDENT GER i have seen.. keep it up..
rachael is chio... juz like u!
its totally okay for not wearing bra out these day in singapore. and wads wrong with implants? why are you people so "closed" not so open like other countires~? boring!
hmm wear bra or not wearing bra... does not matters.. still no brains wat... they just want people to see their breast to take their brains off the fact that those gals are just plain stupid...
Seriously i wonder why u peeps so boliaoz one.. pple confident of themselves and u're jealous? So what if apple doesnt photoshop or what? i'm not her personal friend or what. just a lurker to her blog. i just find it stupid comments that sometimes pple leave. like she shld go photoshop or too ugly. if u dun like it, then why are u reading it?

babe.. u got the confidence.. so keep it there.. u still got those that love u loads.. take care..
you all shen xian si bo,sherry got inplant or not also can tell...kns
watever it is sherry got a pair of nice boobs.
Hahaha, all these flat chested girls are jealous, any girl bigger than them they'll not hesitate to scream "IMPLANTS!!" Not to mention, jealous tof Models, typical female jealousy. I'm a supporter of beautiful models..GO Apple, Sherry, Zeta & Rachael!!
Sherry is a babe, whether or not she do implants... she is somebody to be "wow" at even w/o 'em... [[= so is the apple who is full of confidence always...
You look gorgeous, all of u! And I think u slim down?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
different people haf different views... n i think they r juz fine...
cool... rock my world...
well done!
hah,let me guess wat is this anonymous ha everybody. Usually M like me never think tat apple is ugly and not chio. so i think anonymous is a gal, not only gal but is tat ugly type. (believe me, she really ugly , see wat she write at Studio Photoshoot tat apply post previous- "i know a very good plastic surgeon and you can reach him at 94384347/64844924" ) i think tat doesnt help a lot or maybe fail again. ( ya, plz believe me again, coz if sucessful, she will not so jealous to apple and so xing li pien tai). some more, i believe she really have no frens, weekend just stay home, plus she also apple "Fans".(not believe me, plz see her time <6:20 PM,7:00 PM,7:03 PM,1:31 AM,12:51 PM,4:10 AM,5:10 AM,5:16 AM> hahahah, funny till die.
if u think lowly of these gers y r u still botherin to read e blog??? really make no sense to mi...
gosh, u singaporean really know how to comment (so much) huh !!! here in malaysia, want to complaint also no chance coz we don't get to have gals so daringly wore as such in public !!!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The eggs look very appetizing!
I got very hungry upon seeing it.
Though you are beautiful,I seen this link http://oldverypoisonouslady.blogspot.com/2005/08/lao-niang-dio-si-zi-eh-zi-lian.html
I'm very hungry upon seeing the pictures of the eggs!
i swear i saw u (apple) last night when you was wearing a white hat and chatting on the handphone while walking towards chomp chomp...

u look so much more pretty in person...

have a nice weekend ;)
kekek, i didnt lump all anonymous together, coz i still can recognize which are contribute by normal anonymous (2:00, and 7:07) and u XLPT (Xing Li Pien Tai) anonymous. Nonsense u this XLPT said u just contributed 2, from ur begginer + intermediate divided b2 writing style and those limited stupid negative vocab, u think u can deny ah. Coward u this XLPT tat u not only use anonymous but not even dare to admit tat u wrote those before. Always say ppl no education and degrade u, Li Ao this Dog Eyes from taiwan say our grand grand father no education and no culture. u and me also from our grand. dun dog eyes look down ur grand. somemore say ppl degrade u boh!!!! who u think u r. o0o
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Big time heartlander girls. Will never be able to up the level to have the cosmopolitan feel..
Nonetheless, as long as you are happy...
std u shut up lar! u can comment ple can also comment what. she never wear bra let us see her neh neh pok so? none of ur biz right? so what if we all feel that she did breast implants? not talking abt u also what. unless u r sherry lar!


look at ur own english, it sux. so stfu and go face the wall and repent.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
j,,,,, aiya wearin a bra is jus a formality lahh,, wats d fuss about it huh? if gals hv d assets then flung it lor if they r not shy to show off,, so y r u shy of starring on theirs ASSETS? anyway it might make your day with some exotics topics to talk about with ur peer friend( men talks) when next time meetin up for 'gossips'. Even celeb starrs in magazines dun wear bra too mahh when attendin functions,,and even p... hil..... had her sex scenes flooded all over into d net....sooo..... do u call tat HIGH CLASS or LOW CLASS huh? and i simply dun agreed ppl commented abt being low class or high class,,if u think you are so high class,,which means u r a shallow thinking person,,, i am really sad for you...sob sob
ppl, why are u entertaining this "anonymous guy"? the way he talks, hasnt it occured to u tat he might onli be like 15 or 16 whus jes here at this blog to diss but saves the pix to wank off later? ignore him please. Blogger, i respect u for whu u r.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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