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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I blur? Got meh?


I been so busy...


Got a major event coming and BOH MODELS LOR!

Male models I find and find like crazy... I need 2 only... Need 1 week to find....

Char bohs I need only 5 and I took more than 1 weeks...

Wan lan noi... I nearly die....

Lucky hor settle liao... How come now models all so busy? Peak Period meh?

I have so much so much to tell u all...

Alot of blur incidents but I dunno start from where leh..I just say abit abit lar hor...

Oh ya, for those who asked me about ear candelling hor, I did it at the roadshow wor. Offer price only $18 but do at the actual place is $48.

Boh hua leh, I do for u? Ai mai? $10 nia....

Not much feeling actually but hor they massage ur head is quite shoik lar.

Oh, back to me being blur hor, my beloved colleague, Issac dio from me liao...

He told me: "In my whole life, u are the blurest friend I ever had"

Story I tell u all next time.

Another new friend, Thomas also dio from me last night.

We were having "dinner" at about 10.30pm and we both parked our car at Goodwood park hotel.

Oh ya, now hor, need to pay leh!

Last time free...

Kan Nai Sai...

Then I got complimentary from the hotel manager and u know hor now very high tech leh, u just scan the barcode can already but dunno why Lao Niang dunno how to scan leh..

I put the ticket facing upwards.... cannot...

Facing downwards.... cannot....

Facing left...... cannot...

Facing right.....ALSO CANNOT!

I dom balek here and there also cannot.....

Pek chek.......

I scan and scan like 5 mins, Thomas was behind me......

Then I press the intercom button...

Me: "Hello, erm.... I got the complimentary parking ticket....."

The guy: "Ya ya, pls scan the ticket"

Me: Er.... just scan?

The guy: "ya ya, just scan"

Me: "HOW to scan huh?"

The guy: "Just scan the ticket"

Me: "Er.... but cannot leh...."

The guy: "Just scan..... put inside and scan lar...."

Me: "huh???!!! PUT INSDIE???" CAN PUT INSIDE????
(I insert the ticket into the slot, I dunno got slot hor)




The other day met my friend for lunch also.... U know some lok lok kok kok lao ya lao ya carpark need to press for the ticket for the barrier to lift when u go into the carpark hor...(No cashcard one)

I press the white colour button and wait...

I waited...

and waited....

How come no parking ticket come out?

I press again....

and waited...

and waited...

Until I realise I press the same white colour intercom button!

Wa lao.... heng hor the person never hello me leh...

Ok lar, I type too long leh... Most of u sure lazy to read one...

The other day I went to the office. I think I look damn handsome lor! Pass me a tie!

Anyway, er.... me! I change my hairstyle!


Met Zeta for a event!

Kaozzzz I know my foundation too white cos I bought the wrong shade can!

Wa lao.... too white hor? =(

But I think I am chio!


Hehehehe I am chio!

My hair nice hor! DUN SEE MY NECK!

Ok, I got to go sleep because tomorrow is DEVILS NIGHT!

Whoever is there tomorrow, see ya! I will be at usual place!

P/s:Should I drive tomorrow or not huh?


ha ha why hor the top part of ur hair look chiam chiam one.....looks funny...but still very chio lah..
Best is not drive! Just take a cab and you can booze/party the night away! No worries at all! heehee..

And I prefer you in the old hairstyle!! Have yet to get used to seeing the new look! Nevertheless, still the pretty apple! :DD
like chiam tao loti leh haha .. u look so much nicer in ur previous hairstyle!
i think the other hairstyle is nicer too.

but you looked very smart in the blouse and pants ensemble!

chio la.
chiooooooo... chio ki lan
I think the other hairstyle nicer. This one, the top part abit protruding, not nice.
j,,,,, cut botak lahhh look cool and sexy arr,,,, hehe
hi! eh, ur face seems like make from plastic material.. i give u a 5 out of 10 points. i enjoy reading your blog, but not see your face, so everything i tried to scoll down using my keyboard, i had a blanket in front of me as YOU (your face) scares the hell out of me.
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