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Monday, March 27, 2006

My weekend!

Hmmm...I really dunno where to start...

Anyway, start on sat ba....

I decided that I got no mood to write stories...so u all see photo ba....

Sat night, After my roadshow. I pop over to check how the girls doing. Noelle & Zeta. I cannot make it for the show because I got event. The foster girls!

Me with Zeta!

Noelle with Me!

Sun morning.... On my way to work.... Haizzzzz.... I more chio and chio... Hahahaha

Went to do ear-candelling... Not bad but not much feeling leh....

My ear dirt.... disgusting right? WAHAHAHAH

My colleague also went to do it.....He decline to be shown in my blog in future....

His ear dirt... More than me right?

Er.... our neighbour booth drinking red wine and eating cheese..... (Are we doing road show or not sial?)

My whole family (Daddy, Mummy, Xiaomei, Erjie and her boyfriend) came to fetch me from work and we went to eat!

While waiting for the food at a hongkong cafe @ East coast, my daddy commented that Xiaomei's eyebrow is ugly...

Mummy's one he said nice.... -_-''' NICE MEH???? No choice mah...his wife of course nice...

His wanton mee....

Ah tan's mee... (Erjie's bf)

Xiaomei's marcroni <---how to spell???

My nissin noodle! (I always eat nissin noodle no matter which hongkong cafe)

Erjie (She is actually my second sis but we call her Erjie xi guan le) baked rice! Very nice this one!

Ok.... that's all...

I need to rest le...


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Apple getting prettier and prettier each day.

Those flowers outside your house, remove lah ... When the wind blow, the flaky flaky things fly leh ... Always make me sneeze when I deliver my presents to you.

Anyway, my presents still got no chance to give you. Still in my car. Haiz.

I love Apple!


I am referring to the fruit. =P
j,,,,, waa,,, apple needs T.L.C not jus presents lahhh,,,,, keke,,, is tat all u can give huh???
Hi Apple,your blog is getting shorter but i guess cant help much cause you could be busy.Anyway,hope you continue writing...and be blessed by all the health and good things in the world...:)
Hi, at where did you get your ear candling done and how much was it? Thanks!
apple, ur eyebrow draw too thick liao i think. really.
hey.. ya got the exact location of the Hongkong cafe?? mind sharing? realli interested to go.. thanks
the eyebrow draw too middle, going to join... then the false eyelashes... so long... makeup so thick.. u really look prettier with less makeup.. believe me...
Ooo u can go www.hongkongcafe.com.sg =)
you ah.....show ppl your dirt in your ear liao then show ppl the food... -__-;;
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