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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Photos....as promise..

Just got home and I met Miko for some shopping and coffee therapy...

Damn song I tell u.....

I need to sleep early tonight because I am really tired......

Photos as promise....

Before I went out, I was putting make-up half way and someone (not in my family) commented I look like Genki Sushi.. (I know my eyebrow looks funny and I look funny but I said I was doing make-up half-way right?)

In case u wondering how Genki Sushi look like.... Nay beh!

Anyway, I went to my favourite restaurant! Mushroom Pot!

Best steamboat!!!We got pretty nice view!

"Tibet Pork ribs" Tender and soft! Yummy!

"Golden Mushroom wrapped in Beef" It almost melt in ur mouth! D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

Our steamboat..... Black chicken soup!

See I so happy!!!!

My date brought me to Scarlett Hotel for some drinks! Very very nice!

Er....my date... He complained that his hair ugly......But I got to prove I got date hor!

Servie was great!

Got belly dancer even!

Nice view....but too bad u cant feel the lovely wind blowing onto my face.....muahahaha

Well, that's all! I am replying to fan mails now, do keep them coming in!


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yr face complexion so gd!!
hmm but she looks like ghost without the makeup.. no natural beauty...
erm...in the photo, your date is wearing a singlet underneath his white shirt. one word: OBIANG. i didn't know men these days still wear singlets under their shirts. this kind of guy in my books = kick outside into the long kang.
You are wrong.. Guys who wear singlet underneath their shirts are smart. This is to prevent sweat stains from showing on your shirt and I personally think that guys who wear singlets or a short sleeve shirt underneath makes them look even better because you can't see the ugly patches of sweat. And I think she looks pretty with or without makeup. Fake lashes are the "in" thing right now.
Apple I'm so glad you're blogging again! I missed you. You did look a bit like Genki Sushi in that picture! But you're still a pretty girl! You seem so sweet. Take care!

-Teri in St. Louis, Mo
apple, did you go to breeze???
waaa waa scarlet hotel @ maxwell well market??? haha i knocked down their sign board along d road side once with my MONSTER truck ^o^ i heard they had quite a nos of ppl knock tat bloody *CHOU TANG* sign board.
hmmm,,, i dun think he is smart @ all,,,, smart ppl only buy comfy clothes worr,,,,even if he sweat ( only animal sweat) he will still hv his colonge to make him smells good?? Y would i know?? becos......
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