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Monday, February 27, 2006



Lao Niang never blog because I got nothing to blog leh....

I got a boring life....

I swear....

I swear....

I, poisonlady shunba that I sure will go cheong soon. I will cheong devils and get kan drunk and crawl home soon.

Never cheong no life...actaully wanted to cheong on Fri but hor last min all khakis like boh eng to go and in the end I went for movie.

Hmmm...tomorrow I will be at Devils from 9.30pm-12.30pm for Jim Beam Promotion. Pls drop by and support me and buy Jim Beam from me, k!

I cannot drink so pls dun ask me drink....

Sip sip abit can but lao Niang driving k...

If u happy wanna buy 1 bottle put under my name also can but I drink another day? *buey paisey*

Now, I going to do mask make myself more pretty....

p/s: how come boh lang send me email liao??!!!

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sori i can't come 2molo,but will watch out for ur next ad when i am back in singapore.

yeap, better dun drink drive drive drink. now TP head no mercy......lady Boss.


Always a good thing: Don't Drink and Drive, unless it is coffee.

Coffee Gooooood!

Jim Beam better if not driving!

Xiaohei requires all your attention...

so best no booze.

Next time I'm in SIN will drop in.
hi, i did drop you an email.

do take care of yourself.

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