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Thursday, February 23, 2006

My wednesday........

I been busy lately...

I believe u all had heard about the contact lens solutions issue...

Well, tough for me because I am in optical trade.

I cannot comment much but pls take care of ur contact lens and ur eyes. It is very important...

I can only say I am very busy....

I want to work until die already....

Anyway, no time to talk much because I need to rest and ia sales tomorrow...

Can't resist putting up this clip! I used to post up but click on again to laugh...damn cute if u never watch before!

Met the lovely gals yesterday! We brighten up the whole place lor cos we very chio!

Ahhhh...ur fav gals lar... Nerrisa and Zeta!

Me and Nerissa....

Zeta and Jolin!

Jolin and me!

Zeta and me! (My hair??!!! WTF!!)

Nerissa and Jolin!

Nerrisa tot we should take one in the toilet... -_-'''

I just love meeting the gals! I have a bunch of great gfs! I think when i get married, jie meis should not be a problem ba?

Met ju and went for one of our devils kahki's wedding dinner!

Me and Ju were so honoured to have our prawn shelled though her bf not around and I dun have bf!

Sitting on my right is dear Francis who shelled for me!

Sitting on Ju's left is my cousin, Clyde who shelled it for her!

We 2 so blessed! Especially me! I No one shelled for me for 1 year wor!!!

Dear Francis! Not devisl kahki but used to cheong devils also!

Long time never go down devils already and all of us miss devils alot! I really wanna go down there and have fun soon. I think most of the people dun remember the "table" bunch.

We will "chong chu jiang hu" de!


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All time fav is Apple leh.

Can give me the flash thru my email? Thanx. =)

Btw, you'll receive something again soon. =)
Everytimes I see your photos,
I think u are getting pretty and prettier!!! :D
LoVe those earrings on u!!!
Something different from your usual style!!!
Refreshing Look!!! :D
Take care, Apple!!! :)

-MiniVV aka Vivien
dont mind, send me the flash through ma email as well... thanks.
Nice one. If you dont mind, please send me the flash as well. Thanks a lot.

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