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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Busy me again!

I got kan si lang lots of stories to tell....

I got kan si lang lots of photos to show....

I am kan si lang busy now....

Dunno why, when I boh eng si zin boh eng but when I free is very free...

Nah Bey lor...

No time to talk so much....read slowly k...

Prepare for work last night... I damn choi, right. Make-up do wonders lor.. I do make-up for 1 hour leh...

Zeta in her Jim Beam Uniform!

Me in my jim Beam uniform!!

Drink and drink until quite high sial....

Aiyo..the bouncers! Zai and Mas!

Zeta still make me go eat supper with her but I got to go because I very red and I scared road block....

Met a friend for lunch today at a Mexican Cafe? Nice~~~

Went for a short drink with Noelle because very very hot outside!

This place at concourse! Not bad, right!

We only spend like $4 nett for 1/2 hour and got aircon somemore!

I bought new earrings! I am very into earring now... influence by my darlings!


We headed to Bugis for dinner because is Noelle's birthday tomorrow. Special guest appearance, Marilyn!

Ok, now the story.....

There is this caucasian guy sitting behind us and he requested to ask us look after his luggages because he need to check out something.

I was wondering whether it will go AH-GI-BA-BOMB or not sial...

See so big can put alot of bombs wor...

This is the guy, John.

What happened was that he is staying in singapore today and his niece supposed to meet him at 6pm.

At 7pm, I cannot stand it and I turned around and asked him whether he needs a photo to call her.

I decided to make the call for him.

And he gave us (4 of the the bitches were there also) his niece's fiance number but we couldn't get him.

We then called up his niece's workplace and search for her.

After the "adventure" of searching his niece for 1/2 hour. We finally found her and she said she cannot make it at 6pm.

My god!!!

He so kelian!! Sitting there all alone and dare not ask for help.

If we did not kaypoh and helped him, he would have sat at Macdonalds for ages!!!

In the end, the niece came at 8.30pm while we make a friend!

Not a happy ending yet because it is Noelle's birthday!

Strawberry shortcake! We decided not to have chocolate this time...

Her birthday card and present!

ya, due to time constrain and all very tired and also we cannot let John sit there all by himself, we decided to celebrate her birthday at Macdonalds!

Sial.... how come birthday gal take photo?


Singing birthday song for her loudly at Macdonalds.... -_-'''

S.Kelly, Noelle, Miko and me!

Hmmmm what we doing???

This is how we take group photos.....

Position camera and ourselves first...

Ta-dah!!! The Devils Bitches! (We dun let people take photo because got so many cameras...paisey sial)

Such a happy ending now! I going to sleep!


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Hi Apple, i din know nowadays u can make a phone call by using a photo...really blur of you - the sotong Apple...haha
u really chio leh......red like a prawn, slump i like it........
e cake looked delicious. where did u buy e cake?

the cake really look nice! =)
Where you get it?
gee..u so helpful help pple ahhh..sweet sia..buden me nicer..wahaha...

Quixotic Knight !?!
wat u work as... and are u sure u are single?
hi, we sent you an email titled "requesting permission to use blog entries" for our project. don't know if you have received it. please reply if you have received it, asap. Thanks! =)
Hey Apple, Enjoy Life To The Fullest!
Hey Apple, u look so cute with your cropped jacket and v-necked tanks...
I don't know why people think you're pretty... And why you YOURSELF think that you are pretty too. Because... I think Zeta is prettier than you. She has this sweet sweet look when you look like a slut. Your face is a tad too fat too. The way you blog makes you sound like... a BHB slut. "I damn chio right?" Oh my gawd. Don't make me have goosebumps, please.
well at least someone is saying the rite thing.. she is more like a slut then anything else.. and those who been to devils should have witness how easy she is with the buaya around her... making her look like a PRO more than anything else.. and she really give people that i am easy and can have ONS feeling..

and to think that she say she is happily single.. well more like SINGLE BUT NOT AVAILABLE... cause she has tons of jerks whom she look upon as cool guys.. LOSER
omg... like tat oso can flame... "anonymous" really no life sia...

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