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Monday, March 13, 2006

My Beautiful Sunday But Suxs Monday...



I no update...

Boh simi special dunno what to update...

Lao Niang going through another phrase of life again...

More to think, More to worry, More to learn, More to understand...

I dun have much request....

Dear Tee Gong,

Can ho wa shun shun li li have a good career path or not?

Gam sia.....

I have monday blues... (Who boh???)

Tomorrow will be better.... I AM SURE.... FUCKING SURE!

Anyway, met up with a friend, Thomas on Sun for a movie...

We went to this Hongkong cafe @ Taka for some really nice food....

Our drinks! Not bad and damn big glass! I like big big glass of drinks!

Er.... i ordered nissin noodle (Chu Qian Yi Ding!) But damn nice ok!

We headed to Balcony for some aircon and coffee!

Nice nice nice!

After "Movie Date", a stupid stupid show...we head down to fullerton... This fellow damn happy hor?

Cos we got cakes!!!!!!! Hard to find someone as sweet tooth as I am!

Enjoying the dessert, the sun and then rain... Nay Beh!

Then we enjoy the nightfall.....

Forever seeking happiness

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if u blog on sunday night, i will not have monday blues as i would have something interesting to read on the next day.

hehe..nice reading ur blog.

hmm u rather hang out with guys with cars har.....

yr two big breast are MINE ... hmm.. cum onto yr face

It's Date Movie isn't it?
shut up, anonymous! you are really the disaster of the day! totally fuck up with your stupid and ridiculous attitude! btw, she's not a bitch! but if she is, i think you're worse than anything she is!
may i have the full address for the hongkong restaurant? thks.
may i have the full address for the hongkong restaurant? thks.
J,,,,,,,,,,,hey! lady, HK cafe is it ZHONG WAN? if im not wrong ,,,there is 1 in holland V arr,,,, tat stupid nissin noodle tat i can remember,,,, who will pay to eat nissin noodle @ a restaurant there wor??? ya lahh only silly ppl like me lor,,,,,,, keke,,, i must agreed tat u r a stunnin lady with ICI ( Make up ),, as for BIG BOOBS,,, take it as a compliment lor,,,, lolz,,, but i must warn u ok,,, tat u should watch ur diet otherwise,,,,, when u near 30yrs old,,,, ur frequent hang out will be slimmin ctr not hot spots ya,,,,, smileeeeee
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