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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Studio Photoshoot

Planning a studio photoshoot with my photographers...

I need a very good make-up artist for studio shoot.

If u think u are up to the challenge to make me look unique and chio, email me to verypoisonouslady@hotmail.com with ur portfolio and rates and tell me what to enhance my features.



wahhh you are damn "CHIOOOOO" la. i am sooooo sure someone can actually make u chio for the photoshoot.(if you can read between the lines. but i doubt your intellect capacity to do so. a 3-syllable word would make your brain go into overdrive) you better be prepared to pay a HUGE, and i mean REALLY REALLY HUGE amount of money, because you will require alot of work on your face. trust me. i know a very good plastic surgeon and you can reach him at 94384347/64844924. sms or call any time. you need help. BADLY.
hi. i've been reading your blog for some time, and the general impression i obtain from reading it is that you are an absolute NO- BRAINER! "blur" is a gross understatement if you are to even use it to describe your imbecilic mannerisms. oh and for heavens sake please stop rattling on and on about how "chio" you are because it is only making my ASSHOLE look like a Miss Universe Supermodel. Seriously get some proper PHOTOSHOP work done on your photos as they REALLY look bad. Oh, i'm sorry, not the photos. ITS JUST YOU WHO LOOKS LIKE SHIT. do this world a favour and stop your whining. thanks and best regards.
Hey you guys are really mean. what gives you the right to comment on other people like that. Do u even know her? stupid b@stards. Obviously your aesthetic senses are very poor. How can you actually see so lowly of a undiscovered beauty. You coks got too much eyeshits issit. Bak chew tak stamp sai. I think she should go join Miss Singapore Univere man. sure win. In fact why confine her within a small country like singapore? talent wasted like that. she should represent the nation in the finals of Miss Miss Universe! she sure win the ang mos. dun worry. wo hui yong yuan zhi chi ni!!!!!!!
hey thats very mean of u guys. she is not very pretty, but at least she is confident of herself.

havent you heard 世界上没有丑女人, 只有懒女?

at least she bothers to beautify herself.

anyway, it doesnt matter if u like her or not, so long as her friends like her the way she is.

i bet you are one ugly freako who has no friends thats why u got to hide behind a comp to put everyone u think who is ugly down.

anonymous, you NEED to go for extreme makeover.

ps: then again, u so mean, i dont think the plastic surgeons will be willing to make u better looking.

well done, not chio bu.
Even if she is not chio in ur opinion.. leaving such anonymous messages are the ultimate lowlives.

Poi, dun worry abt these ppl.
Im sure u have ur ardent fans.
Like me.
oh FUCK OFF Sugar

u must be one of those low life losers also
u ppl are funny, if u dont like what u see, then dont see la..

why wanna say such mean lowclass things?

get a life.

or if u dare,

show ur face to us lor..

relax. get a hold of yourself. she doesn't look all that bad. i would rate her at least 70/100. so just chill it, will ya? =)
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