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Monday, April 24, 2006

I so busy sial!

Sorry I was so busy....

u all also busy meh? How come never leave comment now? Make me sad u know...

I no tag board already cham..... No counter very cham..... now no one cares about me also very very cham the wor...

I been busy dating, working and playing hard that I got no time to blog...

Sorry wor...

Btw, can anyone get me a counter? I want those kind can track daily de.... Gam Sia leh!

My email:

I want to sleep early.... tomorrow I got my Hip Hop dance class....

Photos from last week class

Zeta who arrived late but heng never took her face cos she no make up!

People busy dancing, I busy take photo and laughing....

Our instructor, Andy.... He damn hilarious lor!

Haizzz.... I got outbreak... who knows how to get flawless skin huh?

Went to This place call "Daybed Bar" At 15 Mohd Sultan on Fri with Noelle. Similar to "Bed Supperclub" in Bangkok!

Damn nice, my fav colour!

See Noelle so happy!

I also very song lying there!

Wooooooo! I wanna meet all my gfs there to chat next time!

Both of us being destressed!

Noelle again. That's her new top btw, we went for a shopping spree. She spent a whopping $500! I spend only about $300 nia in a day...

Must try! Half Dozen of dunno-strawberry-dipped-in-white-chocolate. Cost $8 if I not wrong.

We ordered a peach summer and dunno-lychee-what! The peach one is nice! I think each cost $12/$14...

This is nice too!! But i forgot the name...

Ham and Cheese something, also nice!!

The menu! "Canapes" is all the snack we ordered! We spend about 63bucks that night!

Like it? I know u all sure email me and ask me alot alot of questions regarding this place.

Might as well post here in detail lar hor.

Tel is 67336695


Wah.... I hope the boss know I do free advertisment for them lor, at least I get a free cocktail also buey pai lar.


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u datin mr ng???
wah chio bu...u long long time never blog lia hor...Miss u leh...hope to see you blog soon...
No need to be cham lah...I leave a comment here for you. LOL.
Hi Apple,
may I juz check with you how much are you paying for your Hip Hop lessons and with which dance school? Juz comapring the prices around before I plonk in my money for dance lessons.

Thanks a bunch!
I really like reading your blog, always make my day if you blogged abt funny things which happen to you and those beautiful photos of yours. Hope you can update more often.
Now that you mentioned it ... the last time round , nobody commented. Think you should buy TOTO, sure kanna. =)

I also wanna start a blog but the controls very luan. *sigh*

You got 2 magazines with me liao + your present. No time to drop by your place lah. *sigh*
i blogged you. so erm. see how is it. if it offends you let me know and i'll pull it down, miss hot blogger of the week.

Hey, dont be sad that no one left you comments. You're still as good as before. Enjoyed your photos. C=
only 1 pimple nia!! biang!! I also wanna know how to get flawless skin.. hahah!! flawless skin seems impossible for me... BLEE! I think ur skin ish vely good le! No worries. It should be gone soon. :)
When are you free? Long time no see you liao. Date you soon. heee..
I am in KL now. Damasara is really a expensive place, I tell you. sighs.. burn big pocket doing project here.
Lovely blog, darling.
I miss you darling!!

I see that you've been wearing the X'mas gift I gave you!!! I'm so touched!

We'll plan a nite out at this place for our gathering okie... Take care and you're missed tremendously by Marilyn : )
where u learn ur dance from?? where is ur hip hop class held??
not bad. the place really look great..
thx for tat recommend....
the owner will love u mann.. free advertistment for them..
Hey apple..where you learn your hip hop dance at?
hey..apple can i know where ya learn your hip hop dance?
is it very packed there? and will it be too noisy for a girl's nightout?

sorry for bomarding you qns =p
you very kelian. No comment... omg
hey gal i saw u at mohd sultan.. i thought u and noelle will be with ju so i smsed her.. but i guess she didnt receive my sms.. haha..
u're pretty in real..

next time go such a cool place jio me leh.. i also wanna have fun!! ;)
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