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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Miko's Birthday Party @ Club Momo!

**Warning: Loads of Photos!!!

I got too many photos to upload and I just got home not long ago....shall post up about Miko's birthday bash on Fri first!

It was a great party and the best part is....

I got drunk...


Enjoy the photos!

Me! Why eyelashes so long? Cos Miko said is Retro theme this time...

In the end....also boh simi people retro lor....This is Noelle...

The birthday gal!

My beloved cousin, Clyde!

3 of us!

Muakzzz to the birthday gal!

Jeff was invited!

Mr Ng was invited!

The lovely couple!

My beloved best friend too, Des Des!

We bought a Tiara for Miko cos it was quite cheap!

We machiam take part in pageant....

Ju, Kelly and Mar turned up too!!!

Woooohooooo! Lovely!

Noelle putting on the tiara for her....what was I looking at huh?

Er.....why she so happy?

The "Pageant Queen"... -_-

Me and Ju!

Mar and Noelle!

Noelle putting on for Mar also!

Everyone wants to be the "queen"!

Kelly too!

Ju too! Hahahaha

Happy Birthday to Miko!

I know she is very happy!

Why 2 shy shy huh?

U know whose hand???!!! Stupid Noelle go push Des's head....for what sial??!!!

Cutting Cake Ceremony!

Feeding our lovely lady!

How can I not get drunk?

I am soooooo happy

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hey Apple, i saw u on friday while at the VIP queue ~
Glad that you have a strong group of friends still close to each other.Keep going Apple!!!Cheers...
Enjoyed a lot! »
Enjoyed a lot! » » »
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