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Monday, May 08, 2006

Er....our dance lesson...

Presents I received yesterday! U know who u are...thanks alot!

Actually... I am really paiseh to post up this stupid video but I found it damn funny lor...

I think Zeta will kill me leh...

This is just the 3rd class of our Hip Hop dance... I had post up a video of my instructor also. So u all can see how jia lak is our dance lor...

I just realise my instructor hor is 1 of the participant for Superband leh... The group is "SOUL", u all must support him hor.

Tomorrow I am going to see him again. I hope I can sow u a better video soon. Our dance will surely improve de!

U all see liao then forget hor... Dun laugh at me outside hor!

Our 3rd Hip-Hop lesson without any Hip or Hop lor...

In the video: Zeta still ask me, "Start liao ah?" I said "Urh...." Then we dance hor then I forgot 1 of the steps and u see again my face and action quite hilarious lor...

At the end we are suppose to jump and do a cool pose but both miss leh...Never Hop and not even hip lor

Wah...Gam Gam Ho hor, I just finish watching "Soul" performance... damn good lor! U all must watch next Mon @ 7.30pm on Channel U hor.

My dance instructor, Andy! Sorry u all need to tilt ur head cos I dunno how to rotate this video leh...

Like this post?

I do hope so.....




P/s: Actually Andy told me I am not really suitable for Hip Hop... I should learn Latin dance =( cos my butt like to shake too much

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Maybe you not used to dance in front of camera,tats y you forget your steps???quite cute after seeing all the moves...but salute you for the courage...keep up gal...
wah nice nice...you shld post video more often...Im sure u will do better next time.plus can see 2 chio bu dance..NICE NICE!!!
Haha it's quite entertaining lah! Sia lah u took up dancing to perform in zouk ah? :P Anyway it's not easy lah, 3rd class only can still relax abit... keep it up!
u shld post more videos up. very nice dance moves. got potential. haha. but still need practice. jia you!
Hmmm. I agree, only third lesson. Keep at it.


Those who can't cheer on those who can...
try all kind of dances...it's fun....you're not that bad gal....not bad...hee hee....
Are you with nay particular studio or is it just a one-off thing? Not bad!
IMHO, with your body type, U should look much much better doing tango...

Heh. Agree with Zeus. Either tango or salsa! =P~
hiphop is not easy i think, but practice makes perfect!! Jia you!! How abt learning Jazz? =P
I watched Superband too.. Am one of Soul's supporter too! Haha.. All the best for your future lessons.
hey.. cool dance step..took hip hop workshop sometime back. yes quite tough if dont have background bt fun. if u could, mayb can cont~ showing us the vid of wat u've learn perhaps. film ur instructor every lesson so u could refer to it lor.. :D
hey helo.. tink u got the makin for it la. dont worry. practice makes perfect..set the groove.hehe. btw may i noe from wich centre or dance studio company u enrol @..kinda interested too thanks
Actually both of you look quite sud leh!! Not jia lat wat. Heh~

But your instructor is power!!! :)
If I remember correctly your friend Jolin is into salsa ... maybe you'd want to consider joining her? Not saying you should give up hip-hop dance, but if you're looking in that direction, you already know someone who does ...
wonder wich studio ur in, would like to take up some dance class too.. mayb i could try the on ur in.. or check it out. mInd telling?thanks
wah lan eh you both can't dance for nuts, too stiff
I saw your instructor in Superband too.. he looks like Lan Zhen Long (Da S ex-bf)
wah... cool :)

Where u learn ur dancing huh? Got website with cost and timings?
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