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Sunday, May 14, 2006


I found my camera le...

I not blur hor.... just forgetful leh...

No time to type much....though I doing nothing now but I need to watch TV leh...

Yen! Doing a show with her...

We reached Devils at 9pm lor... Thanks sweetie for keeping me company!

She cant take a decent photo...

She-devils rocks! Stef and Judy...they are crazy...

Miko arrived early too!

My dearest best friend, Vincent! 11 years le....

I left devils early because my cough was so bad (I am sick) in the smoky enviorment... We decided to go for coffee at Giraffe but closed.... =(

Me and Yen then went riverview for supper... Gosh...so sinful...

Went to do a outdoor shoot on Sat morning... Woke up at 6am... Do I look fresh with only 3 hours of sleep?

My new sunglasses! Only $8!

Met up with Noelle for lunch at Cafe Cartel... I finished this plate and Noelle nearly fainted... I am really hungry lor...

Went to Far East Plaza but dun dare to shop so we sat down for some drinks...

Started Photo-whoring again....

Noelle....she is into gold lor...

I am really bored....No money to spend...

I think I got to cut my fringe... I cut myself de...


Series of Zi Lian starts now!

Finally went for Mani cure @ Bellevie Nails (Far East Plaza #02-25)

Check out the webpage! Click

My reader Aka Manicurist! Lynette!

Sweet Young Thing!

Nolle doing her nails!

Eh? Why huh?

Noelle's Nail!

Chio hor the colour! I like leh!

I going to do it next time!

My nails! Very bimbotic wor....

Well..... I love it!

Noelle's toenails....

Ya...is gold colour...

Mine! (Dun laugh at my round round toenails hor)

I think it is sexy!

Thanks sweetie!

There is a 50% discount for new costomers now! Maybe u can tell her u reads my blog too =)

I hope I get the photoshoot photos soon!

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I like your nails!! Nice colours. Maybe that's cos I'm a bimbo. C=
Give me inspiration that I wan paint my nails gold too.. look gorgerous!!
hey babe! yr eyes looks so gorgeous..like elaine's wor =P Any secret formula to share abt??
Your nails looks wonderful, I think u must keep it that way, go for mani & pedi regularly. Btw your toenails looks very sexy with red polish ;-)
Hey nice shades! Where did you get it from? Thanks! =P
Hi sweetie,

U got a nice new shades!! Ive been looking for one like this too.. and u bot it for $8 only... VERY GOOD BUY leh!! Can tell me wher u got it! Thxs!!!! ;)
oh, nice shades u've got. mind telling me where u get it? thanks a million. (:

haha, your manicurist lynette is hot and chio haha...

anyway, come read your blog once in a while and quite entertaining haha...

like your style, very close to heart...
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!
» » »
oh nice nails u've got but err...your manicurist..lawerence i think i disagree. she looks like she just got punched!oopss.
Keep up the good work
» » »
Very nice site! » »
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