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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Late Post....

Sorry for the late post...

Lao Niang busy lor...

Those who leave nasty comments....... I deleted liao...


Go on and leave and leave and I will delete and delete!

Did a dance performance on wed and it was fun!

But Hello got problem!!!! How How How????

Fuck it....

Cannot post photos leh... =(

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Did you appear on 8 days, a 1900-phone chatline thingie?
Cool blog, keep it going.
sori juz read my own post on ur previous blog..i notice i miss something...I prefer your 2nd pic...look nicer...die blur like u liao
can use photobucket. convenient too... :)
love yr blog.....
Finally found your blog..
Hope ur busy-ness is due to your Mr Ng..

Btw, do ask him what else he thinks of Fiona(Ling's Friend)

Go and accompany him more, i suggest. U cannot afford to be blur in this aspect..
just fuck off
Hey, did you won a dream chat contest or something? Saw a group pic with you inside in the U-Weekly. Nice one. C=
dat so-called contest is most likely to be fake in my humble opinion?I suppose she merely get paid to take the pic.
what is wrong with all you anonymous dickheads?
I'm no friend of Apple, but what has she done to offend you?
How indespicable of all of you to leave senseless and hurting remarks just for the fun of it.
Get a life, please. It's truly retarded.
Hey Apple,

Is Mr Ng your bf?
amazed dun call ppl dickheads when u r one of a kind.Such stupidity.
Tink wad?Saving a damsel in distress?Go wank urself instead egoistic buffalo.
nicely taken photos! i go devils too. next time i see u there, i say "hi"?
why so long never blog? day and nite log onto your blog and disappointed to find that there are no new entries! SIGH!
saw u today at ikea! u really look very beautiful! update soon k!
amazed... u poor thing...

fuck off with yr stupid comments

and for yr poison lady..get fuck and die soon yeah
Siao! You people are weird. Like that also angry... Poor Apple, enduring such morons! Waste of time.
Hi Apple,

Nice to see you in person this morning at Tuas, after reading your blog for more than half a year.

Keep up with the good work for being a gal who work hard & party hard.

Wish you all the best in whatever you wish.

Sorry langs.... I so busy leh...no time update... i try soon..paisehpaiseh..
u are slimpy rock ...support u always man!!!! keep yr pics n post coming in ...yes!!!!! poison lady got X factor ...simply gorgeous !!!!!
dun care about what other pple say lor....who care man....anyway as long as u are happy what u are doing ...is ok already ....hehe...those loser out there better do leave bad comments on this poison lay hor....she is poisonous ...harhar....theysimply jealous of u lor...let them be ...they are the loser after all....bye bye poison lady ....remember u are rock man!!!!
ooops i mean better do not leave bad comments ....hehe forgot to put"NOT" oh my typo error...hehe
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