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Monday, June 26, 2006

Busy yet free....

Yo people!

I know u all love me!


It was really great to receive encouraging words from people that trust, love and believe in u, so pls do keep those comments and mails coming in!

And of course, I try to blog more so er....u all can also comment lar....

I am in the midst of changing job (yet again) so I will be very very busy next week.

Sometimes I wonder whether it is good for me to have such a big exposure cos u never know who is out there in the virtual world.

I am famous (er....right????)

And I get notice sometimes when I am outside so I cannot get too "38ish" and too "xiaolly".

I try to blog more discreetly and it is hard.

I am very open about my life and I share with people whom I dunno and who dunno me in the inner side (Not my naked body, asshole!)

But I am happy with people walking up to me and say Hi!

Who wish me well, who ask me to have fun (U know who u r, the sweet lady at Momo last week), who told me u love my blog.

And for those who emailed me for advice and trusted me ur problems.

Sometimes I get so busy that I did not reply quickly but I promise u that I will do it asap.

I just wanna tell u, thanks for being there for me...

To be true to someone who is a total stranger to u.

To give moral support to someone who may not even know u.

To encourage someone who u will might never meet at all.

Thanks to my readers!

Now photos!

Me! In my Xiaohei!

After Martell! I love this style, do u?

In my office!

I think I look different.... why huh?

My hair?

My smile?

One of my friend asked me to advertise this for him. This is a bangle

And can turn it into a ring. It cost $550....(I know...I know... I cannot afford also) White gold and I heard it is selling $1K outside. And this is very in the trend wor...If u are really interested, pls email me, k!

The last flight-stewardess event~

I went to pierce my tragus! Nice HOR!!! I so happy!

Went for dinner date with Mr Ng!

The dog verypoisonouslady!

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you are still as pretty as always! =D
Always funny
Always chio...

Always Apple!

(gee, I should write advertising!)
haha just curious to know if.....
the ring can pay by instalment....
i know i sound funny and cheapo though .. but there reali a beri nice ring........
jia yu..
Jus wanna check with you where did you pierce ur Tragus???& is it pain???wat is the deg of painness? =)
Trust is a wonderful thing~~ ^^
Hi cooler,

I pierce it at heeren....level four (i think) got billy bombers one... small shop selling accessories...

only $5.90! I pierce my nose also there...

Pain? bearable...like pierce ear....

i was more shock then pain...
Hey Apple! I was the one who said hi to you at MoMo. :) I'm Esther! :) It was really nice seeing you in person. You looked great! :) I hope you had lots of fun that night; I know I did! :)
You have a great figure! And yes your tragus piercing is very pretty!
i think your high cheekbones are gorgeous. =D
You are hot.
Wat job u changing to?wat u working as now?
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