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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Party World!

Yo Yo!

Never expect a post from me, right?



Though I may be busy but recently I need to be at home at 9pm to watch a TV Drama.

Tonight is the last episode le.... =(

Damn nice!

Anyway, I wanna tell the drivers out there...

IF u cannot drive, dun road hog the first lane can?

Nah bey.....

Very irritating lor!

I was rushing home to watch my show.... u know how important TV is to me now? I got no time to watch TV de leh!

*small voice* especially the ladies driver.....

Last min planning to meet Miko and Noelle for KTV session at Yishun Safra yesterday.

The moment I step into the room, I shouted "Cappuccino got non-authentic de meh?!!!!"

Me! Just facial......damn pain pain u know....

Sial.......why so sian? (Was I singing that time???)

I taking photo for them.......

3 of us only....where's the others????? (Long time no meet le, u all know or not...KNN)

Act cute.... but not cute....

Oh ya..... this is not in trend le!

Mr Ng teach me sour sweet bitter spicy.....Muahahahaha

We secretly ordered Pizza!

Damn shoik shoik!


I go sleep le!

Tomorrow night I got the Martell thing again.

Beg me!



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hey apple, voting you ya
Ms Poisonouslady,

Check your hotmail inbox! My comments are there.

Enjoy yourself!

Mr. R
how's your leg? recover yet? :)
darling, i miss you so much *muack*

we really long time boh meet up liao wor... very missed our gatherings siah.
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