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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Martell Airway!

For this month I am doing some party thing for Martell.

If u see me wearing blue blue colour hor and kena approached by me,

It means, U are hip, cool, good-looking!

Our job is to go round and find people to join in for a party and we go around giving special invites for the party.

Beg me ba......

The video of how many people are involved.....

The barangs barangs....

We each have a hairstylist and make-up artist!

Stella..... doing her hair and make-up...

Me, all done!

Pam also good, do make-up, eat mac and do hair at the same time wor...

I was bored and decided to...... again...

The male model...

My hair ah-gi-ba-bomb le!

Stella and me! Glam enough boh?

The hatgear....

We are from Martell Airway....

the 3 flight stewardess...hahaha (That's what I like about doing show, can try alot of patterns!)

That's our Alex.... very playful but I like!

Shacked out after then whole thing....

2nd day...Pam eating mac again... -_-''' (Alex buy de)

Is kat on that day. Stella off...

Me also having mac.... wa liew....fat fat fat...

The same old team!

Different look today, nice?

Pam very tried....

The video of my hairstylist tying my hair. He got a salon at Fu Lu Shuo 2nd floor. I am going there to cut my hair le!

Eyes red red....poor me...

Nice? I think I look glam.....

Our nanny.... sewing the uniform... He is a damn good make-up artist!

The full uniform!

Me... Er...I look short short...


U are in luck if I send u the exclusive invites!

Met up with Noelle at 1am after the whole thing. We ended up at Eastside Pub for a drink.

To see and be seen.... he he I am chio!!!!!!!!

We headed down to devils at 3am....

It is not unusual for me though.... cos I always go down at that time.

A guy tried to pick us up.

I told him I am a broker for insurance and probe him to buy insurances.

I think it is a good way to turn people down nicely...


I am going to use it again!

This month is a flight stewardess, next mth is what leh?

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erm.. i tihnk u look nicer with straight hair... curly hair dun suit u at all. makes ur face look big
i think you're getting hot-er and hot-er. pity i can't date you. i no qualified. =(
Just dropping by to say Hi and your pic for "Stella and me! Glam enough boh?" is very nice.
wei...u use my occupation to turn pple away...wahaha...i so ke lian lor...
That look good! More about barcode you can find here - http://barcode.usbizsys.com/cheap-barcode-reader.html
What if he really interested in your insurance??? What are you going to do??
poi poi, your "tongue-sticking-out-of-corner-of-mouth" shots look weird and don't do you justice. the video clips are much cuter...
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WAHAHAHA I del ur post!!!!

Na Na Ni Pu Pu!
i was laughing my ass out when i read your posts,i know that you are fucking hell going to delete this but i just want to tell you that you can imagine how you look like a fucking bitch trying to act sophicicated. give up.
hey, your friend doing the martell event with you looks like sharon au. really.

i still prefer you in straight hair.
Poi poi.. how to get the martell invites wor?? HEE!
p.s. These uniforms were originally used for the Citibank GSS Roadshow last year. Your friend and you look good in them. Enjoy your blogs, keep on going....
best regards, nice info
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