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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tribute To My Readers!

It is 1.38Am now...

I am not sleeping yet...


Lao Niang damn bored!

I am on leave, clearing my leave balance before I start my new job.

Suddenly I am so free, I am at lost....

I never been so free wor...

Though only 2 days.......

But whenever I am on leave or MC, I will do assignments....

Thur I am still ok cos I got to do Martell event but tomorrow I really got nothing to do.

So I browsed thru all my photos I had taken previously.....

Wa.... Really alot leh....

It's been more than 1 year since I blogged.....

I got so many photos to put up to refresh my memories and to share with all of u...

I dunno where to start...

I decided to post up photos of the people who read my blog and who took up their brave courage to walk up to me and say Hi.

I may miss out some, pls let me know or email me the photos u have. It doens't mean I dun love u if I know U are my reader but I no post up ur photos....

It means we meet up often leh.....

Lai Lai Lai...

Be prepared!

U damn kan cheong right?

Lai Lai Lai!

People I met in Devils:

Er......I really forgot ur name....Think I only met u once in devils....Anyone know his name? I blank out my photo cos I look fugly (Fucking Ugly)

Er.....Really sorry.... U are my reader also, right? Ur name?

Paisey...paisey... Met u like 5 times in devils but still forgot ur name..... I am not always sober so pls forgive me...

U are also my reader, right??????

Ahhhhhh.... This one I remembered! David, right? Indonesian? It was my birthday party in 2004, right? I remembered u bought me cookies! (Not that he give me present I remember hor, is because the photo save under his name leh)

Solli.... u are?

Eileen! Always at Devils! Must support her shots, k!

Elson? Alson? Something "son" de...... er...right?

People I met during event:

Wa lan Noi.... I got poor memory.... Sweet lady here met last year for a survey....

Hmmmmmm.... I also forgot ur name... But i know I met u twice at Caribbean!

Michael? I met u at the Bikers Pub!

Erm.... solli.... I know I met u at the pub too.....

Er...I really cannot remember too many names.... I met U at Balacava, right? U were sitting outside! My memory not that bad ba!

Melvin! From Juice magazine! Wei~~~ This time no sweaty look le!

Ronnie or Ron or???? My sister's schoolmate.

People who suprised me:

Shit.... This guy here brought me to a theater show "Dim Sum Dollies" I suddenly cannot remember ur name leh... Siao Liao.... Pls Dun hate me, can! I know u have a blog but I lost the address....

Lynette! (If I forget ur name I sure can go die) Thanks for the free manicure and pedicure!

Silverice! Always treat me go movie cos I always broke.... I owe u a treat lor, I remember de!

Eh.... Someone + Me + Hongwei! We met up at westmall and talk cock thruout lor...but it was fun!

Herbert Aka Toiletcleaner who I finally met at Devils and bought me shots! How ya doing?

Fellow Bloggers:

Kennysia.... Need I say more?

Sassyjan, how u been?!

Friends of friends!

Noelle's Band Member! Clifford!

Ex colleagues:

Kate! I miss u alot but I been busy so no time to get back to u but let me know when u on leave and damn free then we meet go shopping and coffee, k!

Ah Long Chong! I know u been reading my blog but dunno now still got anot. U still that fierce ah?

Friends Turn Readers:

Ah Johnny! Always complaining I never update, Now update got ur pic even no meet u, I damn swee right! Hahaha...Got buy present for me or not!!

Garry! Always ask me for my blog address whenever feel like reading, why not just store somewhere?

Sayhong! Used to bump in devils but now dunno where... How u been?

Elmar. I dunno whether u still reads my blog but I heard from someone that u used to do it without fail. Silently supporting me. Just wanna thanks u for everything that u had done for me. U been really nice to me and I really think that u are a nice friend to own.

Without u, no poisonlady.


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Hihi.. so surprise that u blog just now... hehe.. i always read ur blog.. k, take care hor.. from: Ade (someone u dunno but love to read ur blog) :)
haha ... saw 2 familiar faces as well..... such a coincident !
hmm...i'm someone who've seen u ard for quite a few times.. read ur blog often.. but haven't really got the chance to say hi.. hahaha..

but great to see u updating often again.. take care gal..
why guy in second pic so standoffish?

If got hug frm u, would have big big smile smile for camera lah!
Am hoping to bump into u & ur gals on the street as I have read so much about u all.. Really envious of the frenships u have with them & the readership u hav.. keke..

If happen to bump into u, I will sure say a hello to u!
Thanks for that, it's great to see a slightly different persepective on the topic.
BTW have you seen my new pup from Darksky Alaskan Malamutes? He's really a great pup.
Have a great day

Hi Apple!

Thank you for not forgetting me..!

See you around.
Take good care~ =)
Really enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up gal!

i wan altivo nachos cheese. lol
harlo...been reading ur blog since last yr...love ur writing style alot. very gan gan lai(daring). tC hor don overwork..
amanda. ;)
Guess Elmer will be very touched to see this
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