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Monday, July 17, 2006

Our 1st Anniversary!

Hi People! Hi people!

it is not any other anniversary wor!

It is our Devils Bitches 1 Year Anniversary!

As Usual, we went to our 2nd home (for me) 3rd home (for some)...


Before I show u the photos, anyone got digital voice recorder can sell me?

Not too ex one can, cos I damn broke.....

When I meet my client hor, I always forgot the conversation and I think is quite bad wor...

I cannot remember ANYTHING at all...... I think u all can start sending me pig brain for me to bu yi bu liao....

I know some of the students who got bring to lecture hall? theater? or dunno simi to record, if u not using now, sell me can... PLS PLS PLS!

Now the photos!

The white knights....... I was not inside cos I never wear white....

My bestest friend, Vincent! Who said Male + Female got no platonic friendship?

My other best friends also came down! Er.. middle one is Jolene, the left is Jolene's sis and I dunno her name cos she change again....

Jolene! Best friends forever!

Keng Keng, the birthday girl! Happy Birthday!

Taking a group shot with this bunch!

The bunch was fun! Look at the guys! Hahaha They are cute!

Saw Daniel!

The nice bartender who gave us lolipops!

Happy Happy bitches!

Immediately posed for my camera lor....

They so cute, no wonder I love them!

I was red and high and almost gone but not cute....

Our happening favourite spot!

I was red....Small kelly was almost red....

Happy Anniversary, Darlings!

Cheers to our friendship!

While I was running around the whole club to look for other bunches and to get drunk, they started using my camera....without me...

Not nice lor!

Clyde arrived shortly!

Small Kelly and Noelle!

Supposing to act cute now?

Best friends!

But without me.... =(

Horror time....

This is pathetic look leh...

Someone will just wanna chap zi ka....

A kiss for someone great!

What is this??!!

Back to horror time again....

Er....Horror time also....

I dunno.....she cannot decide to become scared or cute....

This is still in the trend....

I suppose this is the seductive look....

Ju arrived late but wanna look seductive also....

Yes...be afraid.....be very afraid....


NayBeh.....All my friends are horny!

The brown hair gang.....

The.....the....the......so different gang....

Met Gordon! My reader! I tot I should post ur photo without the black strip cos I think u look good for my blog, k! Hehehe

I look like a rabbit! See my eyes.....so red....

Alvin! The birthday boy!

Nico! Never failed to make me laugh!

My birthday present 2 years ago by Des Des.... but i forgot his name sial....

Evelyn, the birthday girl with alot ALOT of blackhighheels!! My wifey, remembered?


He missed me alot!

Ali also missed me alot!

It is not my birthday but alot of people miss me!

Ali misses Grant also!

He refused to be kissed.....

Our fav place...the bartop!

I turned white because I drank too much....

I think we are all cute!

Yeah! We rocks!

I can never describe how much I loves the bitches....

Though there are times when we just never meet, never have time for each other but we still care for each others.

Though there are times when we just hate each other, cause we are too similar yet too different to have different opinions but we still loves each other.

Though there are times when we just cannot stop talking, it is because we are just too fun-loving and outgoing.

Though there are times when people just hate us, but we will still stand by each other and give support no matter what went wrong.

Girls, Happy Anniversary!

The Blurest bitch among the bitches!

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you looked more chio in person than in photos. =D
Your phone can record also mah. Nowadays most phones can record. =)
i think ur powder too pale? abit don suit ur skin tone leh..
u got sell away your ZEN Micro? If never can use that to record ma
isnt that gordon mister singapore?
"I dunno.....she cannot decide to become scared or cute...." miss ah~ u cannot see it's cute rather than scared meh? -_-'''
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