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Thursday, July 13, 2006

What the fuck.....

Fucking suay....

Noelle got wheel clamped just now...


Pls hear more cos got more long stories....

This is the place kena wheel clamp....

We got to pay $200 cash to unlock this bloody thing...

I was so angry that I checked with my lawyer friend whether private property have the right to wheel clamp and collect money and he said they have the right to do so.

Read report here:HERE

I was very angry with the management and that I said "wah...must have earn lots of money from wheel clamping cars"

It is our bloody fault not to read the small dark sign.

I can only say is very suay lor...

Before this incident, she got into an accident this morning. I was on the phone with her when I heard I loud "bang" She was langa by a car at the side. Her colleagues's car somemore. I think the damage will be more than $500 lor....

Her driver's side passenger door was dented and full of scratches....


The worst thing was I was langa by a van yesterday morning.

I was stopping at a traffic light when i heard a loud "BANG".

A van knocked into me.

I think my car should be no problem ba cos not a big impact and I really cannot detect any damage.

The best part is, I did not take down that person particulars becos I was in a shcok and this was my first time, I did not know what to do.


Then during the night, I bang into someone's car while reversing at a carpark.....

2 car accidents in 1 day.

Never mind.

This morning, was rushing to office when I dropped my car key inside the drain.

With dirty water somemore!

The moment I dropped my carkey, I squatted down and cry.

This is the first time I felt so helpless.

I felt so stupid.

I felt so lost.

I did not know what to do.

I tried to press the carpark barrier the button to ask for help but no one response.

I tried to get a passerby to open up the drain for me so I can retrive my key.

The person, seeing the dirty drain, told me to get help from a cleaner becos he also drop his carkey before 5 years ago. (At least I not the only one happening wor)

Frantically, I searched the big big carpark. Hoping to see someone there.

After running around with my big heavy bag for 15 mins, I cannot find anyone.

I broke down again.

I did not know what to do.

No one was there to help me.

I squatted down crying and crying until I told myself to be strong.

I wiped away my tears and calm myself down.

I then run upstairs to the shops selling all the barang barangs to buy a net so i can scoop my keys up.

First shop told me they sell no net.

Second shop told me the same.

Third shop told me the same.

I told all of them about my incident but no one was kind enough to help me take a look least offer any help.

I ask whoever I saw to help me find the carpark cleaner but no one bothers about me.

I saw a bangalardash worker sweeping the floor and I quickly approached him for help.

He was the only one who was willing to follow me to take a look at the place I drop my keys.

When he reached there, seeing the dirty place, he was quite reluctant to help me.

I was so desperate and keep asking him what I should do.

He took off his shoes, roll up his pants, open the drain, dropped his whole body inside and use his feet to feel for my keys inside the dirty, muddy water.

I got my keys back.

I never expect that someone to save me is the person I least respect.

I gave him $10 as a grattitude.

To some of u, it might be stupid because u might feel that it is his job to do it or u might even feel I am wasting my money.

But to me, it is just a reward to make his day for helping somoeone who might even just ignore him and walk away.

I cannot help being blur also mah, I cannot help having so many things happen mah.

This is me.

Ah boh how to become a stronger person when there is no one there for u?


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First of all, I have been following your blog for sometime now. I chanced upon it a few months ago.
This is what I want to tell you: Be strong. Never give up. Rest if you must, but never give up. That's exactly what you have done.

What happened to you may be a small obstacle to some. But I have to remember that you are a female (no offense) and that asking you to open the drain by yourself would not be an easy task to perform, physically. So, most of the time, it's better to use your brain more than muscles. You did well under the circumstances and it was a new experience for you somemore.

You have learnt an important lesson too. Not to stereotype. Not to generalize. People are not always what they seem. Can't judge a book by it's cover.

And your last sentence : "Ah boh how to become a stronger person when there is no one there for u?" is a good reminder to yourself and your readers.
As what you said, suay lah. Basically, they will watch cars going in and out of that small little place called carpark. Lady drivers are very good targets. C'mon, I park there how long also never kanna wheel clamp. Duhz~

Next time ask Noelle park at Double Yellow Line. Warden come summon 50 bucks. Patrol Car 70 bucks. TP 80 bucks. One wheel clamp = Parking 4 times on double yellow line.

Apple, i tell you. Car 2 things must have. One is Jump Start Cable and the other is Lock Cutter. Spare tyre + accessories, take out put at home. Car lighter = Save Petrol. How much does a lock cutter cost ? Definitely less than 200 bucks.

GeTz very steady one. Bang a bit, you don't see anything. Tested & Proven, GeTz can go up the curb, run on the grass, come down onto the ground and still nothing happened.

You got my number what. Next time kanna clamp call me lah. I cut! But ah, if you kanna wheelchair lot clamp, that one go holland. Summon 400 bucks. My cutter cannot help. =D

Your remote went swimming also ah? Or only the key went swimming ?
hi apple.

i first time commenting here.

your blog post today was the best thing i read in blogs today...i mean the last part la..where u talk about the foreign worker. i support what you did!

you're right, sometimes, the one that we dun respect/like the most will turn out to be our 'savior' in the worst times.

anyway stay strong k? i believe 1 day you'll find what you've been looking for :)
U must have seen him as an angel @ tat moment :) Be strong girl !!!
wow..sounds bad..you still managed it well engulf. cheers! But, sad part on humanity. Those people ought to be shot! There's nothing to lose in lending some help right, whatsmore for a pretty lady like you. Haiz. Is that what's left of humanity?? Anyway, gd for you, you've become a stronger person I bet.
Ghost month not here, you are already feeling the suayness.

No worries, suay things happen bcoz all your lucks are used to block another ultimate suay thing thatz approaching.

In other words, you are in good hands. :)
Apple you are cute....

dun worry accidents do happen.....learn from it...
wow so much ($200) for wheel clamp? i thought onli $50 ? i think u really suay lor...haha...
i koe the place LONGHOUSE near the (use to be lakeview shooping centre)....the place is quite dim and crampy lor...so next time u wanna u can park at the backlane there -FREE parking somemore and i always park there though u have to walk little bit...
That's Singaporeans for you. I'm not surprised that the one u got help from was a bangladeshy worker. Priase god for people like him. =) Stay strong, apple!

I noticed you mentioned that you reversed into someone elses car in the carpark, did you write a note to him or her to tell her if he/she notices any damage, pls give you a call?

Thats the least u can do really. Dun do what u dun want others to do to you. Karma.
"The person I least respect"

He is a human being like you too. Whats less to respect about him? His job? His origins? Really shocked to hear this type of statement from you, always thought you are a humble girl who respects everyone. Guess you are just shallow afterall.
Hi Apple, u r damn right! Do not look down on these Bangadeshis, they r the most kindest people I known. They r very helpful! You are kind, i.e. to reward him (there are some idiots here in S'pore who looked lowly upon them).Lastly, everyone had their 'bad days', high & lows....but in the end, you should be happy, at least there's a kind soul out there!!!! cheerios!
Thats a very nice gesture from the Bangladeshi who helped to find your keys.

Lang jit suay, chee jiao eh pian kang kuay, gu sai pun eh kwee huay,kao hoon pun eh tu tiok chee mi kuay...

When a person is unlucky, rear birds also will become rooster, cow dung also will bloom flower, earth worm also will bump into a blind cock...)

-----> Rubber
Anonymous! female are not F$%# up driver can. most accidnents on the road are MALE k.
anyway, that guy is really good. stay strong girl=)
wahhh i think recently a lot of pple kenna langah! i kenna langah at the side last sunday!!!!!!

Then my cousin also langah 1 or 2 weeks ago! today she had her car scratch while reversing too!

I'm still learning how to drive *scared* Me gong gong de, doubt will pass.

Anyway, you are not blur or gong, I think you are cute. And that day was a suay day for you but the days to follow will be better!

Stay strong, and blog more! I've always loved your blog. =)
It's drivers like u ppl tat are a hazard on the road....or should i say even in a carpark? Wah lan eh, tat parked car damn suay lor....more 'suay' than u! knn....
oh btw, remember i also commented on how u ppl parked ur cars in one of post (pic of 3 cars parked together but parked til like fark...)

man....parking so lousy, sure to bang ppl's stationary car one lah....sibeh jialat....

and whoever say getz is a steady car? wat a joke....
typical singaporean... typical singapore women...
hi apple, shit happens all the time but the most important is tt u get rid of all the sai and be happyz again ... cheers : )
Hey, remember to keep a digital camera in your car. The next time someone knocks your car, takes his and his car's photos, car plate,etc. Can be used as proof as well. If you have the time, go see a doctor, my friend claimed physiotherapist fees from the other driver's insurance the last time someone knocked him. Claim until that driver's future insurance fee increase by alot.
SO poor thing, but u still manage to get by and be safe ma...so not so suay lah...
Next time key drop in dirty drain u just call me lor..I come 'fish' it out for you..
can save the $10 (your hard earn money)...
Just decide to cite a story to praise a Bangla.

Once, it was raining pretty heavily. Like every other day, we must cross big monsoon drain to walk to school (@ Bt Timah Rd).

My girl friend was struggling with the wind and the umbrella, frantically searchin for her hp while crossing the drain. And like all unfortunate things that can happen, it slipped and fell into the monsoon drain (thank gdness it was not flooded with water yet)

She was like u, helpless. But of coz, no one in the right mind would actually help her climb down the drain. And indeed, there were ALOT of ppl that saw and just walked past her. Out of no where, she decide to try her luck with a Bangla worker- ANd to her surprise, he helped!

He climbed down the huge drain, in the rain, and retrieved her hp!

Kudos to Bangla workers in Singapore!

And to you Apple:
My 2 cents worth -
Sorry abt what happened to you. I'll probably feel twice as shit as you feel if it were me.

But I think its a gd lesson for you to wake your senses a little as well. Not good to always blame it on your 'blurness'. It's a lame excuse to live by your life like that.

Dont always open yourself up and be proned to be a victim under all these circumstances.

Wisen up, and be a lil more street-smart. I think you are definitely more capable than you think you can be.
I think you should give him more money. $10 , is just too little.

Think about it, no one wanted to pick your keys. $10 would have made a difference?

I think he should have deserved more than $10
Hey that is way cool! Thanks for the insight
Sean Cody
I think u should have given him $30 cos' $10 is too little. You must take into account that no one wants to help.
hey apple, awww...im sorry to hear that you had such a bad day...:( you're a strong girl, it'll be ok, yeah? :) keep your beautiful chin up! :) *hugs* you've got your friends there for you dear. :)
Hi apple,

u are so nice give the worker $.
wah, is like how i was like that last friday.

situation different, but scene same.

waiting for my seller, but hp no batt. went round IMM to look for some kind nice soul to let me charge hp a bit, so that i could call her. BUT, the mobile shop people doesn't want/ don't have the charger to charge for me.

i feel helpless too. and cry on the MRT train. i guess, we're so suays. =(

but nvm, good lucks will come soon!
take care~
Enjoyed a lot! »
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