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Monday, July 24, 2006

Nothing to blog lor....

I never blog because I am busy and tired....

My new job require me to learn new stuffs and meet new people.....

I been so tired that I am cutting down the modelling assignments also....

U may wonder, why this post leh?

Just now Mr Ng asked me:" Eh, U never update blog ah?" (He is a faithful reader wor)

Me: "Also got nothing to update lor"

Mr Ng: " ya hor.....U fri also never go devils"

Me: -_- <---sian until cannot sian

Fri was suppose to go down devils because I still left 1/2 bottle of something....is it black label or hennesy I dun even bother to remember so long is something to make me drunk can le...

Anyway, I think most of the girls are busy.....everyone in my life are so busy that I haven have a chance to meet up yet.

Even Huiqi (The new bride) told me that before her wedding, we met up like 6 mths ago...

Wa kaoz.....

Anyway, I bang into someone's car last week.

Not very serious but I got to pay her $150 on the spot. A few scratches only....... but is my fault lor.....

I thank god *touch wood* that nothing serious happen but things were bad because I got into 2 accidents within 7 days....

Anyway, since I got no photos to show......

Let me introduce a family member.....

Veggie Lim Pei Ji!


Love u people,
Got to clear my paperwork now....


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Tomorrow, (July 25) Hell's Gate is gonna be opened. So pls be extra careful when you are driving, especially after 5pm. After 7am in the morning, should be better but still need to be very careful.
die just die
hey..cute cat....

didn't know u have a cat :)
do post more pics on the cat! it's so cute! :)

hmmm.. may i know where u go for the ear waxing?? and how much is it?? thks...
i saw you at jurong west st51 today [27th juuly]
Kinda look like you
Yeah, surprised that you have a cat since it was never mentioned before. Is it as "tame" as you? hehe

u drive a getz? are u in the getz club forum?
hells gate open for fun =p
The cat is so cute! Please take more pictures! :)
Oh and please sterilise your cat.
Y must sterilise the cat? It's well alive and kicking!
Ah... take care and continue blogging.
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