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Friday, August 11, 2006

Busy Yet Free

I am damn free today...

No one wants to go Devils with me...

Miko - Go Batam
Marilyn - Meet Bf
Kelly - Never Reply
Ju - Just went, find it sian
Noelle - Just touched down, guess will be too tired...

I left a bottle of Volka Peach there, (Alson opened for me de *touched*) . I went down on National Day's Eve but never finish because I drive and only sip sip abit nia...

Saw Yen On Tue At Devils... her Hair Damn messy...

That's me! Zi Lian Again

Stella was persuade to go down by me, beside her is She-devils, Belle

Me and Yen!

Michael! We met up after so long! Thanks for popping by! He knows I very busy and being a heartless person, he kept on contacting me without fail. The condition for being his friend? Must not forget him. Nice hor!

Yen cannot take decent photo lor...

Half Tommy, Ju and Me

Jasper! Who being serving us, tolerating us, for 2 years plsu already..

I make a date to fo down! I am so excited!

Met up best friend, Huiqi last night at Causeway point for dinner! (She said she not pretty thus the black strip)

Yokiey! Huiqi's best friend who is also my friend lar, see, I very nice de hor. If u kena picture-taking with me, u request black strip, I will put one!

Pinky Pinky Me!

Ok. While having dinner at Cavana Chicken Last Night, we encounter some problem.

Huiqi wanted to order the Ice Blended Coffee. And beside the item hor, there is (S) and (D) beside each item wor....

3 of us wonder what it means and Huiqi asked us how to order.

Huiqi: Why huh? Got (S) and (D)? What does it means?

Yokiey: Ya hor... why huh?

Me: Oh! I know le!

The 2 of them: What?

Me: (S) Stand for small lar!

The 2 of them: Then (D) leh?

Me: (D) stand for "DUA" lar!

Me: So hor actually (S) is "Suay" lar and (D) is "Dua" lor!

So Huiqi think since it is "Dua", she decided to place the order.

While the server came out, I decided to ask him (While huiqi was inside the shop ordering) what is the meaning of (D)

Boy: Oh! (D) means double shot......

Yokiey and Me: Oh Shit....... Huiqi cannot sleep later liao....

My friends all know I damn blur but they always still trusted me.

That's what friends are for!

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Double shot. lol

btw: happen to glance your pic (not v. big thou. :x ) in FHM while browsing my friend's issue.

cover is Linda Liao i think...
Nice lashes!!
hi apple,

hw do u maintain ur shapely figure + ur high expenses? mi very keen in partime job as well. thanks =)

Coffee house also use Hokkien! :D
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