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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Long Long time...

I know I know....

Lao Niang no update blog for kan si lang long liao....

I am slipping tea now....I am a tea person but this is not normal tea....Detox tea leh.... My colleague pass for me to try....

Doesn't taste bad and easy to drink.... I need to detox now though I still consider "thin" but been eating alot wor.....

The "Shape -Tea", I hope it will not shape me into an apple lor...

Was working for Chivas the other day, I love to do show!

My side profile! I think i damn chio that day!

Zeta with me! Long time no see her, i know some of u miss her!

Met up with Ju, Kelly for dinner!

Miko too! Long time no see them like that, miss them wor!

Devils again on Fri Night! Miko and Noelle cannot make it =( We are going to celebrate Singapore birthday too!

The next day, guess where I went? The sand?

The beach seat!

A book and tanning oil?


The beach babe!

Siao as always!

I no like to tan actually.... I just wanna show off my bikini!

Aiyo.....Attention whore!

What a life..... I found a perfect to hide in the shade! See my tummy....know why I need to detox liao, right?

I am happy!

Btw, I just watch "click" by Adam Sandler!

Nice and must watch!

I cried so much during the movie, I think people will hate me for being so nosiy.

I apologize to the lady sitting beside me, I just couldn't hold my tears.

The heartless creature sitting beside me never offer his handkerchief, so I cried all over his top.

I am an emotional pig.


The crying baby

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I cried too..it was really a good show. best show ever watched! Leanred so much from it. Anyway, you are looking GREAT!
wished ur neh nehs can be sucked
Hi apple !!! you look soo pretty ... :) im a fan of your blog !!!

im a flowerpod member too ... you have not post in the site for a long time liaoz ...
Dear Apple,

You seem to have lost weight leh.. but still looking great as ever ;)
Hi Apple, hey, ur tummy is flat wattt.. wait till u see mine.. hahhaa..

dun lose anymore weight liao, it will make one face look older if u r already a slim person...
where to get tat detox tea?
hi apple, where to get the detox tea? thanks....
I also cried watching Click!!

So touching wor. :) Hey if the detox tea works...must intro okie? Heh...
i watch the click too and cried.

but then i must say its a damm nice show ! =)
i saw u yesterdae nite at devils!

Gosh. u look totally different from those pics.

u look far way gorgous and slim!

hey apple,
i saw you at the geylang east ntuc today with mr ng and i was SO excited to see you, cuz i've been reading your blog for a longgg time. :) you've got a damn nice figure! i would've said hi, but i was looking damn horrible and aunty at the time so.

Hi Joanne,

Thanks! Next time must say hi to me wor...

No worries, i suppose u around ur house ba, U never see Mr Ng wear like uncle? *whisper*

Next time must call out to me, k
I think detox tea can be found at all pharmacies or medical hall...

but safest is go Fu Lu Shuo B1 got 1 pharmacy.
i think i saw you today at causeway pt (09.08.2006) ard 8plus at metro with yr friends... wear a nice pink dress, don't dare to say hello..
i like your figure!

and i think your friend zeta looks aunty-ish. super act chio!
Hi Apple, k, my biztro's blog & photos r ready...when u r free, plse go to www.bersanos.blogspot.com. Hope to see u & Mr Ng there! cheerios, Laura
me cried alot too.. was still crying after the show.. even when i walked out and towards the coffeeshop..

friends thought i was crazy.. it was supposed to be a comedy yet i cried...

many pple dun realise how impt their family is.. until they.. like me.. live away from their parents for some time.. they will start to realise how much they have taken things for granted..
haha.. i got the date wrong, it 10.09.2006 instead.. as posted by you.. well ,yr friends are pretty lar.. let them know cos i saw them too... the 3 of you were looking at wallets or business bag i think...
zeta looks preety! she got blog??
Hi apple, great job!

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