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Saturday, August 26, 2006

My week!

Sorry for the late post!

I was getting not bad and happy!

Not very busy but just plain lazy to load the photos!

Assignments season are back and more shows to do!

Pls beware for modelling scam. I heard there are a lot of cheating case outside so girls, pls be careful wor!

I was suppose to do some baking during my sundays but again, I plain lazy lar.

Lai Photos time!

Last week I went to "Giraffe" for lunch.... Finally!

I always wanted to go there!

The view was great!

Had tea to clear my alcohol stomach.....

Can't eat much.... Ceasar Salad was great but the Lagsane sux....

Went to Beachbar for some drinks before catching "broadway beng"

Damn cosy and the seat damn shoik!

Finally! The show I been waiting for!

It was packed! And damn funny!

When we went in, there were hokkien gua....hahahaha Truely Ah Bengz!

Met up my darlings during the week for dinner....

Potato wedges! The only thing to eat when we were not hungry...

I like this......

Did A Nurse Gig for Foster Beer! An Awareness to let people know there beer are cold cold cold!

I was practically drunk cos I drink like mad but best thing I like about Foster is, it doest give u a nasty feeling....just high.....not dizzy kind...er....u get my point?

Did another promotion for "Sauza" at Sentosa! It was fun!

3 of us also drinking like nobody business! Think we going there again next week to continue drinking! Woooohooo I am looking forward!

Had my only meal that day! Ng's pizza by Mrs Ng! damn shoik!

I am a happy person!



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Heeeeloooooo Nurse!

eh u deleted ur song request already ah?
erm.. where is this beachbar? looks nice..
Er.. i probably going to sentosa this weekend... hahaha! If I see you, I will say hi! :)
Hi Apple,

I saw u today(2/9/06) at orchard. U r promoting the jean beam rite. Wanted to go and say Hi to u, but mi shy.. u look slim n pretty.. i like ur hair. long and shiny.
view here

view here

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