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Friday, August 18, 2006

Car Grooming?

Xiao Hei is damn dirty....

I think I never wash him for 3 or 4 or 5 mths le....

If u notice...

Ladies driver de car very the dirty one...

We can piles mountains high of documents everywhere...

I cannot help it leh...

I never thought I will need to fetch like 15 people......

I usually ask my friends to just "throw everything behind lar" if they are sitting beside me...

If I have more than 1 passengers, i just ask them to "just shove any empty space u can find, k"

Back to the topic....

Anyone knows where to get good car grooming?

Not too expensive de and not very far from me and confirm gurantee chop inside outside also clean clean de?

Thanks wor!

Devils tonight!

I make sure I get high and crazy!

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well, i send my car to Glare for their grooming package. Wat's ur budget? I can help u source based on that...
Damn! I'm going to be in SIN next next Friday!

Missing crazy Apple! Oh well, maybe next time...
You can try contacting Joseph. I've been with him for many years and he took very good care of both my old and current ride. I used to own a white car and due to my negligence, the car turned into championship white! hah The first time i went to him i was totally impressed! Cos he actually managed to polish my car until it turned white again!

Highly recommended! By the way, he can go to your place and polish for you as well. But I would prefer to drop my car off his garage.

Joseph Mobile Car Polish Address : 53 Ubi Ave 1 #01-31 Paya Ubi Ind Pk
Singapore 408934
Telephone : 6841 6541
blk 733 there alwaes got the car grooming de mah u seen b4? the guy quite cute oso.
no need la...just go to the manual car wash at shell petrol kiosk diagonally opposite to yishun mrt station and let them give ur xiao hei a good rub.

damage only $6.

will not give u the swee swee shiny glare la..but at least it looks clean after tt.
Er...i want people also wipe inside for me de....got or not?
wipe inside for u also???
hahaha.....u si bei lazy hor...

mai chao tua leh...if want wipe inside somemore, it wont be below $10 liao... :P
I believe that it depends on the person herself... Coz I'm also a lady driver, love cars more than u do (I strongly believe) and Love to clean up my own car, maintain it in a tip top condition.

I'm not here to lecture you, but I just don't like to see that pple just assume that lady can't clean/wash their cars well and this applies to driving as well... which I think you agree... What would you do when you hear someone say "It's lady driving that car?"
You know what I mean right?

I like to read your blog, keep it up... btw, it's not very difficult to wash your xiao hei as it's just a small car...

best regards, nice info »
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