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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Did I?

Everyone said I thinned.....did I?

Ok...I was plain boh liao, can.....

I cannot resist putting up my chio photo...


Good Night!

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you thinned many many!
your body nice la. but your face langar
Ya you have slim down more. More thin now. Dont slim down, now looks nice. :-)

Wao! Slim nice! Tea work eh?

Eh... You wu slim down meh??? Looks the same lay... Haha. By the way our Fri... Mai forget hor!!!

aiyo...u slim down bcoz of tea or kena "poo"
haha...chio my ass..think u better lose more weight and i agree that ur face langar sia
Weiii.. very bad lorr.. trying to make me jealous harr?

U win lorr.. I really jealous of ur figure.. :P
Nice. I think you shouldn't carry on thin-ing. Wait the bones come out, not very nice liao

Anyway, i got like one stack of mags in my ride. No chance to deliver to you. *sigh*
Eh Ah lian, your english is horrendous man!!! WTF is thinned?

Anyway, I agree your body is ok, but your face..... like one lorry langar you, then he stop and reverse to see if you are ok, just nice you stand up and kenna langar again!!!

U have slim down, Nice ! Ignore those 'wu liao' people.
Pretty babe!
Dunno whether did you slim down or anything just hold on to something when the wind blows. Anyway them boobs looks bigger, perhaps your body really did "thinned".
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