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Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Weekend...

This month is a busy month.....

I got alot of things to tell u all, but first can anyone let me know which email I can send my resume to for "Performance Motor & Komoko?" or do I snailmail????

Lai Lai,

Last week, I brought Issac to Hilltop for lunch. It was a belated birthday lunch for him. He decline to be shown here cos he said I too famous liao....

We eat until nearly puke....

Fri Night... I went out with Karen after our show.

We went to a pub at Clark Quay, ken was there!

Stella was there too!

3 of us!

Ken damn sad cos he keep taking photos....

U think she shy?

She can pose like crazy hor....

Pam was the reason why we were there.

First time I cheong together with them....

They really can enjoy wor!

4 of us! Lim Peh is the shortest.....KNS

Not trying to fight whose leg is long.....

But we had the same pair of shoes!

Ken cannot kick Pam because his leg is shorter.....

the 2 good friends!

We headed down to MOS after that and I saw Mr Ng and friends!

First time I go MOS cheong and I saw him hahaha

They were celebrating this fellow birthday....

SO SHOIK!He is one lucky man....

Nope....they are not gay.... Happy Birthday Fellow Librian

Yup, I went to Handle Bar On Sat. Anyone saw me?

I went there to do my part and did a small contribution, might as well sit down and eat.


I dunno consider the response good or not lor....

The food was not bad though....

Very Ang Moh.... 200g of steak seems abit small for me, the waitress tot I eat little....

Aaron was the one who emailed me to post up kit's link.

I might not do much for Kit. I did not ask u to do anything big or what but pls ask urself how would u feel if u do NOTHING at all.


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u can snailmail to them.find out their addy and send your cv direct to the HR manager. remember to put ur foto wor. am sure u will do well. good luck.
One advise... please dun go Komoko. Performance motor is good but it's very stressful coz if you can't meet you quota, there you go...

If you wanna work in car trade, Borneo or Kah Motor or Cycle & Carriage (Mercedes only). Write in your letter and resume coz once there's vacancy they will notify you.

Or else, you can try PI, like Leco.

Good Luck

hahahahahahah i am right, i really so you at Hilltop.

where were you? I was at handlebar that night too. Was sitting why back, somewhere near the bikes.
where were you? I was at handlebar that night too. Was sitting why back, somewhere near the bikes.

Response was quite good I must say. My grp drank till late night and rode our way back home.
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