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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bikini Babes!

I am washing my hands on the car....

I left it with someone expert who will deal the case for me.

I will let u all know the result, if he can fight the case for me, look for him in future, ya.

Last night was doing a bikini carwalk show.

10 tens in total and we had so much fun!

In our little black dress!

We were treated with royalty! Me and Karen!


This is Yanjing!

Angeline! I forgot to get her number again....

Mandy! Just got to know her!

Gillian and Angeline!

Sherry! Happy belated birthday BTW!


Gillian and Sherry!

Gillian keep showing here because she brought a camera with no battery lor....

I love the girls!!


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The girl on the lower right, in the group photo.

By any chance is she from Malaysia? 'cos she looks helluva familiar.
So gorgeous... *looks at own boyish figure*


woot! CHIO!

*envy* XD
nice...nice neh nehs.....have sucked a few pairs in the pics b4...yummy....
models?! wahahaa
OMG, sorry to say, but all the models are so fugly!! altho they do have nice bods ...
aren't models supposed to br fugly? wahahaha....juz like apple here, fugly model...whahahaha
gillian and karen have the worst smile I've ever seen.
the best puppies belong to karen and u... would love to be your vibrator..
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