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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lazy Pig...

I am lu lai lu lazy....

I know...


That time camera spoilt and use other people's photo but the other peoples hor.....got boh internet....so they cannot send me photos.... etc: Zeta and Karen

Took alot of photos on sat for halloween party and we were playing like crazy, I hope to get them soon

Next year....I swear I am going to attend the party (I swear every year though) and make myself a fool....a chio fool!

Not yet been meeting up my beloved bitches also and even missed Small Kelly's BD party, really feel bad because I am earning money....

Btw, a gentle reminder, this sun I will be at 13A Dempsey Road hor, so pls pop by from 4pm to 8pm to have a drink, ya!

P/s: Camera repaired without any charges though Casio cannot find my warrenty but they still did not charge me. Thank goodness.

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Hi Apple,

I love your Beautiful Pictures,
Hope you can post them on my website. www.mypinkcheese.com
i used to own casio too. Casio parts very flimsy, got this lens problem once too but after fixing it. Never the same again. Now using Sony T10. But miss Casio Color and Antishake ... if only casio can improve on their flimsy casing hehe =)
hi girl ! I saw u at Butter .. but no chance to say hello... hehe .. u look GREAT !
yeay! your camera's working again!

More chio pix...!
isnt it yue la yue?
lu lai lu is hokkien term for your 'yue la yue' which i believe u meant 'yue LAI yue', get your facts right before u go 'omfg'.
haha...well done alexis. Anonymous just made a fool of him/herself. What an idiot.

Anw, APPLE, quick update! I'm bored.
no internet? how can this be? we are living in the information age.
darling, no worries lah. undestand de... earn $$$ more important, u wu sim a sai liao. meet up soon ya. muacks.
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