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Sunday, January 07, 2007

I had so much fun!

Yo people,

Hows ur new year getting on?

I been quite free but yet busy....

Busy meeting all my friends and I am actually feeling very nervous NOW.

I am starting my new job tomorrow!

Very excited but yet nervous, this kind of feeling is what I always get when I go to school on the first day of a new year.

Damn scary, what if I cannot get along with them?

What if I cannot do my job well?

What if I say something wrong?

I very scared but I know I need to be confident of myself.

Wish me luck!

Oh ya, tomorrow my 2nd sis birthday, happy birthday sis!

Photo times!

Met up this bunch for coffee on Thur? A very last min decision......

See how messy we are.....maybe is me only...opps...

Then they start to arrange and clean up.....

Met up Marshall and Sassyjan for dinner!

That's mine and Sassyjan's

A nice jap bbq food at St James! Thanks to Marshall for the dinner!

Guess where I was yesterday?

WOOOOHOOOO! Science centre!!!

I love this place, very good for people with itchy hand!

We start trying out almost everything! This is the weighing machine to know ur weight!

Not only on earth but also on other planets too! Now u all know Mr Ng's weight...hahaha

Look At the doors carefully, it will close!

This is an amazing projector, can become thousand hands!

Cannot stop playing and then came the space background, see me bounce off the planets!

Soccer time! Got very pek chek and start hitting with my hand

Had a tried at the drum, notice how the sound travel and hit that cloth(?)

Why this 2 kids? Cause they dun let me play!!! I got so angry~!!

Finally, my turn!

I got so angry because i cannot hit very high points I continue hit and hit.

Astro-boy wanna be, not meant for adults obviously, so tiny....

Mr Ng also wanna chap zi ka....

Oh ya, if u got any saga seeds.....

Maybe wanna help in the contributions? Anyway, now give saga also not romantic liao...

This is amazing!

Look at the pillar and the painting on the ground!

Then i insist on taking the stimulator ride!

Wow, i was so excited and happy!

Even insist on sitting in the front row to make the 4 mins ride costing $4 worth it.

I ended up feeling giddy and Poor Mr Ng had to sayang my head......nearly puke also...

I was having so much fun!!!

Thanks to Mr Ng for bringing me there!!!

I will go again soon cos I havent touch all the things there enough yet!


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Hi apple,wat job r u changing to?
Wah I liked the messy table picture.

Cigs, cameras and cell phones!!

The three C's! Wahahahah!
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