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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My First Time.....

I had a very strong urge today to do something I really want to do.....

I had quitted my job and will be moving on to a new one in 2007.

Not a bad start for the year, I tot I should do something I always wanted. And something painful for me to remember what happen and to remind myself that I had yet grow UP again.

I wanted to pierce my bottom belly button though but I am really scared of the pain and since I never walk near HMV, I decided to put it off.... maybe next year or when i am really upset.(So if u see I got extra hole, either I am upset or it is the new year, ya)

I overheard the ladio on blood donation......

I always wanted to donate blood but cannot because my weight was always below 45kg during the past years.

I decided to try my luck today.

I wanted to find someone to go with me but anyway, whenever u ask people to do something with u....

Either forget or not free

So I tot I should do it myself....

To prepare for the blood donation....

I called like 4 numbers until I found out there is none of the donation centre near my house so I got to go down to Outram.

Being someone very impulsive, whatever is on my mind, I will go ahead to do it regardless is a failure or success, i then set off towards the destination.

I tot I go eat something before I go because I didnt eat much recently and the last 2 weeks I weigh, I was only 44kg.

I think and think, I decided to stuff myself crazy.

I went to a coffeeshop and ordered a Pig's Organ Soup with rice.

I manage to finish everything though during half time I nearly burst....

I finished my can of green tea and left very fast....I was very determine....


Upon reaching soon, I decided to buy a small bread and I drank alot of water to make sure I can hit 45kg.

In the car, feeling VERY EXCITED!

When I saw the word "blood", I almost chicken out, the steps took me forever to climb.

I had to fill up some forms first, see a doctor, do a simple blood test and if all of these pass, I can proceed to donate my blood.

Imagine there is this girl who looks bouncy and scared at the same time.

Whenever a staff talks to me, if they know I am first timer, I will smile excitely and for those who dunno and happen to dio me, I will smile excitely and tell them is my first time!

1. The form was easy, not a problem at all. I felt relieve.

2.When they decided to call "Lim XX", i was sort of pissed, I hated my chinese name. I proceed to the doctor's room.

Very excited and I proceed to tell her why I always wanted to do a blood donation. I rambled and ramble but she just smile at me.

The horrible part came, She ask me what is my weight.

I wanted to lie.

I was struggling whether to tell her is 45kg or 46kg or 45.3kg or 46.2kg

In the end, she asked me to step onto the weight machine because I decided against the lying part because I am really bad at lying.

My heart was pounding furiously and I was imagining that if the stupid scale doesnt do its job well and let me pass....

I will close the door and cry and beg the doctor to let me donate blood....

Because I am determine to do it by 2007!

YEAH!!! I PASSED!!! (I dun wanna tell u how much I weigh lor)

3. I then went to take a blood test to test dunno simi iron ah....

When she pricked my middle (why middle huh?) finger, I almost chicken out. It was quite painful lor. I scared of pain hor.

I told myself to be strong and it is already the last stage.....

4.Tadahhhhhh!!! I finally got the big needle poke thru my veins!

It was not very painful because they actually injected something to numb the nerves? I think?

I am the only 1 with a happiest face, believe me.

Because I was still too skinny, they said only can withdraw the min amount of blood, if I can manage to put on till 50kg, then I can donate more. =(

That's mine! B+ A sense of jealously overwhelm me because everyone's blood was bigger pack then mine..... sob sob

They got me a nice pink bandage!

I am a happy person!

It might be something insignificant to u but to me, it is something important.

I always wanted to donate blood because it is the leastest thing I can do to help but its been a few years that my weight never manage to go up to 45kg and I really got disappointed.

I do hope more people will go ya!

I am going back in 27 Mar 2007 so if U wanna jio me, email me verypoisonouslady@hotmail.com


P/s: I am fucking free next week, those wanna ask me out to get piss drunk, pls do hor.

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aw that's really sweet of you. i'm sure you will be blessed for doing something that nice:)

brave :)
Brave gal...thumbs up!
Haha.. I also got rejected for few times due to the weight issue!
But I finally manage to donate as well!

It is really a very nice feeling indeed!

Btw, I'm also B+!! :)
Waaah! Gutsy gal, you are!

(I kanna stand needles)

Wish I could ask u if u wanna get hella drunk, but am on other side of ocean! Bleah.
God bless you for your deed. I'm also a B+. BTW, I've got a mini countdown bunch @ Carribean 2 at Club St tomorrow. See if you wanna join.
I wanna ask you out but I don't wanna get pissed drunk. How ?
happy new year!

why you quit job again?
My contacts are gone.. sms me ur number ya. ;)
Lets do coffee n catch up please.
Take care!
Aiyoyo....people with multiple partners cannot donate hor! please make sure.
let's go together next time! (^_^)

i've donated blood like... i think 5 times? but those were very long ago... something like 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2002 respectively. :P and i'm sure i can donate now being all of my 60kg and more! *opps*

Happy 2007!!! :D
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