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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Does Anyone still read my blog?

I know Lao Niang been so busy that alot of people gave up coming here to feel disppointed.

I am really zin pai seh....

I am equally disappointed with my blog, seems not interesting anymore.

What have I been doing?

Earning money and neglecting everyone around me?

Well, this chao ah lian is no longer young anymore....

She sure has grown up over the past years....

I am still having fun though but more focus now, especially I had found a job which suits my interest.

I am not sure whether I can manage in this tough industry or whether I can hold on to this tiring job but I will try my best to make it!

Anyway, some photos for ur preview.

Oh ya, just now I was trying to vacuum my room, i accidently suck in my g-string.......nah bey...

Was doing a media launch for a French beer, thus the frenchmaid outfit....Kawaii boh?

Wa lao....... I dunno how to upload photos for Picasa leh.... why cannot type words de??

I shall go figure out when i more free....


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hi apple! i still do visit ur blog often to check for updates. blog more often leh, i m looking forward to ur long post about the cosmetics u've used before. :)
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yeah still checking ur blog now and then. update more often!

Cheers :)
I got read your blog everytime.. but I'm sure you didn't read mine, right?
hey, i became a reader of your blog after several links. what kinda skincare regime or products you use mann? esp after you use so much makeup, and your skin is so clear/smooth. share! cheers
yeah. glad u realised it's quite a bore and disappointment entering your blog...
I'm reading, good thing always worth to wait, I will wait patiently for your next blog entry.....
Im reading! Jia you jia you! :)Thanks for the scarf u gave me, very useful! Heh.

Well, i read because Apple is a hottie and for the humour!

For example in this entry, there's a line about growing up, which we all eventually have to do.

Then this zinger, "..Oh ya, just now I was trying to vacuum my room, i accidently suck in my g-string.......nah bey..."

WAHAHAHAH! Don't grow up too fast!
of course we do... always waiting for pics and updates from you!

btw, saw you and Mr Ng in today's issue of urban!
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