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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wa lao.....

Can someone teach me how to blog in the photos???? Stupid hello is down....

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you look good wor! :)
maybe you can try www.imageshack.us

by the way, ure in URBAN today! with mr ng :) and you do look good.

Saw u in urban too! Nice hair n legs!
looking good in urban! =D
were u at towner rd clinc yesterday? i think i saw u in black.
create a geocities account.
Upload Photo to geocities account
hyper link the photo here img src="http://geocities.com/abc/picture1.jpg

smthing like tat...
go to www.photobucket.com
you can blog directly from there.. if not, u can jz cut and paste html from there and put it in blogger, under 'edit html' tab.
i tink i saw u today at liat towers wearin all black.

u look great with your tiny waist.

how do u maintain that

keep up the good work
Opps~ just emailed you then realised can leave comment (>.<) Blur me!

Looking good in the papers, and also in your blog of course!!! (^_^)v
Mr Ng & you look gorgeous on 25 Jan 07 Urban. Keep it up! =)
Does mr ng knows you and your fren meichuan they all were ever night club girls?
my chao ah lian is not in good mood hor! Please don't bother her.
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