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Sunday, January 28, 2007

My blurness.....still around ah...

Hi good sunday!

I slept at 7am this morning but I woke up like 1pm today.

The reason for sleeping so late and waking up early on sunday is because I was thinking.....

I was thinking about my future again.....

Though I only just changed my job but I got to rethink what I really want...

An Zua like that?

I also very confuse with myself but I think I will figure a way out....

Thanks to Mr Ng for standing by me, listening and advise me though I been bugging him the same problem for weeks.

He is damn patient sial....

He makes a great best friend!

This kind of guy, where to find?

Too bad, he's taken.....

Anyway, let u know lar.....Just now my mummy hor, ask me to go downstair with her to run and errand...

So I happily change into a presentable top and shorts lor.....

I still got comb my hair hor....

I walk halfway and suddenly I squat down and start to laugh non-stop, my mummy zitao turn around and ask me what's wrong...

I point down to my toes.....

I wore my bedroom slipper down!!!!

No wonder I find it damn comfy and shoik!

U never see this coming, right?

That's me!

Oh ya....Joey's Son! Damn hyperactive.....


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Don't work la, be tai tai lor. Ask ur bf to give u $ to relac @ home, then u can sleep whole day and do nothing.
wt do u wk as apple?
hi babe, i think you are like me facing quarter life crisis now. same age as ya. still finding solutions to my problems really lost at time perhaps can email me at janetlrs@hotmail.com
Which one is ur real bf????
hey apple! been reading your blog for close to a year... enjoy lookg at your gorgeous pics! continue posting them... and make some time for ur dear readers!

Anyhow, i've set up an online store, hope you can patronize it if you happen to see anythg that interests you.


look forward to your support! if you have any old clothes you would like to sell, do patronize here too!
help me promote k! thanks babe!
in a whole life time, no matter what age you are, one will definitely face dilemmas in making for some decisions, give yourself more time, don't force yourself, i am sure you will see daylight soon.
Hey!!! Apple Dar..Happy New Year to you. You must be kinda surprise to see i left a msg here. You are still as blur hor. hehehe...didn't see you for a long time, maybe can meet up for coffee one of this days. Remember to take good care of yourself too. Cheers!!!- Kozen
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