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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ning Nah Bey!

I can finally upload all the pictures after like 30 mins...


Why HELLO no more??????? I very angry leh...

I have alot of photos de leh.... KNN KNN KNN KNN

Anyway, got so much things to tell u all u know...

Where to start? Where to start?

Oh ya, thanks for all the lovely comments on me in Urban!

I love the photo alot! My dearest best friend, Qiqi said she going to laminate for me, muahahah!

Actually hor, my top cost less than 10 dollars leh, maybe they think is too cheap to be on papers?? And my slippers hor, I "stuned"(means=kop or means=borrow without asking) from my sister (I also dunno which sis) de....

I wear until so lok lok kok kok hor, I tot they will be choosing people to publish lor...ah boh I sure announce here liao....

Oh ya, let me introduce to u my second sister's blog

Click Here Pls

I think as her sis must do some publicity for her.....

*small voice* Actually she got write about me also sometimes

Her blog seems interesting to me though, so u all if damn free and Lao Niang boh update, u can check out hers lor.

I been quite tired and busy recently, got so moody and irritated because I got to work later than last time and the workload is more.

Sometimes, people envy our line but really so nice meh? I find it very tough leh....why huh?

Something to ask u all hor,

U all heard of "Richie Rich" before? I been looking around for the comics quite some time le... I find it damn interesting wor!

I read it when I was quite young but cannot find leh.

If anyone wants to give me for CNY, pls wrap in red paper. Gam Xia.

Richie Rich! Do u all have the same childhood as me?

Manage to meet up my another best friends on Tue! Meiyi, Joey Me and Meichuan! All in black!

Me & Joey! Mother liao.....

9 years le and still going strong!

We took this in the toilet....

Joey is driving also!But her company provides her a car so she everyday drive different cars.

That's Meichuan New car! She pass her license, her husband buy for her liao!

We cannot help it and keep taking photo....

My xiaohei's turn!

My 2 happily married women. I am so happy for them!

Though they got their ups and downs but I really thanked for sharing with me everything. It become strange when I am the odd one not married but since they already married so long liao hor (they got married very young) they have a stable marriage.

It was great meeting them up and even though we havent meet for so long, the chemistry is still there, think our foundation is really strong

When we met up, we were so busy catching old times and we discuss about one and other weakness and strength.

We always tell each other what is upsetting us and we are very frank towards each others. We know each other very well by now.

I think that's what real friends are, right?

I think I sure will meet them on CNY because they got to give me ANGBAO!!! WAHAHAHA!

P/s: Joey is bringing her son to my house now and he is so cute!!!

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babe, your sis's blog wrong hyperlink loh.....
Lady with red belt, ur false eyelashes is falling out! :P
Hey! Mr Ng and you gt feature in last wk URBAN newpaper. Under the "Hey Good Looking" section.
The richie rich you want is DVD version to watch or the comics to read?
I want the comics wor....but not easy to find leh, i think...been searching around the comics shop though...
ya fren meichuan cant even park properly..hahah..parkingidiots.com
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