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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


-_- <----my sian 1/2 face

I see all the comments I wanna laugh sial....

I came in to blog quickly before I go do my things...

Lao Niang cannot help it if I too thin...

Sometimes I too thin, sometimes I too plump...

I like yoyo, u know....

I didnt try to do anything to my body, I care much about my face....

Oh ya, for those who think I not chio, u tell me where lar...I go do but u pay, want?

I planning to do my nose.....

Other than that, I very happy with my face....
(What is the best thing other than to be happy about yourself)

Spoke to few doctors and even they said I only need to do my nose..

So...u tell me lar.....

Na Na Ni Pu Pu..

Hiaousity (Hiao+ous+ity) ROCKS!!



actually i think u r such a babe and so pretty that your nose also don't need to do le. serious!
No, please don't do your nose. Stay natural please. Don't be like someone who did hers, but she could not change her ugly character.

I implore you not to...
I admire ur straight forward and happy go lucky character. Ignore those bo liao comments.

Nothing wrong with ur english, fact and body. U look prefectly fine, in fact you are hot.

Babe, stay beautiful always.

Cheers! =)
... face* and body
Hi dear, How's life? Seems like many things and events happened around you lately. Will meet up for dinner or drinks one day, okay? didn't see you for a long time liao..glad that you're doing fine. Cheers!
hey i think you are perfectly fine as u are, first time tagging your comment board even though i've been reading your blog for quite some time.

u are very pretty and slim! no need to care what others say!

your blog is gettin boring and more depressive.

cheer up.

and you dont need plastic surgery pls. this is ridiculous.
did u do anything about ur pussy
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