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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Me.... Just me....

Nothing much....

Going for movie now....

I been busy going to drs recently....

Going for nose filler for my bridge and also checking can do whitening injection now...

So far, the drs are very friendly and willing to share!

Will let u hiao gals know what I did after I confirm the rates and results!


Did a bikini catwalk with Sherry last night for a private function (that's the backstage).......Happy Belated birthday gal! Sorry I cant make it to ur house!

Happy Sunday!


I think u lose alot of weight leh...
wow...u have quite a toned body. Sure have lotsa guys drooling...hehe. Nice boobs too :)
wow.. How do you tone your body and which sch you went for your dancing?
do you have any weight losing tips to share ? (: cause you're quite toned . and do update more , lack of updates in your blog recently
ya she lost alot of weight until she look like an african fugitive... tats not toned body la... tats skin and bones!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is called chio meh? PUI!!!!
All of you were blinded by this self proclaimed beauty. In a man's pt of view photos are very deceiving. If you see her in person, u will get shocked! face got a lot of blemishes, and very fake... too skinny, not tone. Looks abit like Ah Gua and voice very rough. So girls out there dun envy her, its all superficial. She is not as pretty as you think she is. In fact she is disappointing in real.
share share share! (abt the nose fillers and cosmetics etc) btw, u look nice! but a bit too thin...can share how u slim down? particularly the waist, arms and thighs area? thanks!
fat and slim at the right place. i say u not bad.
pls..pretty meh? faint...just another ah lian...
don't worry about other ppls comment.
u are the most pretty girl.
i love u
a bit too tanned for my taste.
prefer the fair look.
is there such a whitening injection??
never heard of it - go for it babe
Please, i think her body is superb!
So, pretty can??
guys is usually so shit! Too fat u all hiam, just nice, u all say like african.. what u all want?
dun see face then lu zhen dian lah..
i think u look too thin.
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