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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Buey Hiao Bye.....

I kan busy......

Busu kooning leh....

My new hobby is to sleep because it makes my skin look good and radiant......

Swee swee....i tell u.....

I need to do alot of cosmetic stuff....

I will upload the pictures, the data of products I use, how I maintain my figure....whatever things I owe u all......oki

Pls pardon me....

Lao Niang kan pek chek with the uploading of photos...

Buay Kiang Lang Du Lan.......

But I got something important to announce.....

Long time no blog....

But still must say....


Going sleep!!!



p/s: Tongue piercing doing good! Manage to overcome all the stupid uncomfortableness (got this word?) hahaha!

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haha the word is discomfort. but you really shd blog; i miss your posts!
i love u.

u know me but i really can't tell u who i am.
u just but an ah lian.... u look freaking old for your age...
lol. chio meh? chio si langz..is the word.
i support u ms poison
check your flabby right arm... u call that good figure? LOL!!

ya ya... chio si lang!
hahaha..funny comments..

really buey hiao bai..
i think u should update your profile on the left (age, status, etc ..) since your blog aint personal. that way readers can understand n connect with u better. take for example xiaxue, that is a very updated blog.
gosh, your english is terrible man. having such a poor form of communication, how can u survive?! i definitely would not want u as a gf. haa, a bit too blunt in my language, but well, u r putting urself up for criticism anyway! so deal with it!
someone's meat is other's poison. i like suppot u poison lady!
trust me u don't deserve a lesser happinest. Be valuable.
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wad pics? u got the link?
nice legs
you have my support apple. i've been reading your blog for quite sometime already. (: go for it! that is, whatever that you want in life. be happy. =)
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