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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Me wor......The verypoisonouslady

Kaoz.....i havent been online for very long, the moment I found (why i use this word, i explain later) my internet, i quickly blog before I go sleep.

I manage to find my internet because when I log on, i kept hitting the "no" button when it prompt me dunno-simi-sai untill I realise I need to click "yes".

So anyway, Lao Niang is here lar.

I dunno where to start leh...

Been busy (still the same) and busy (never change)....


I am selling this 2 sexy dress, white and purple, never really wore, only for a photoshoot. Selling one for $18, if u buy 2 is $30(Not inclusive of postage hor)I sell cos I never wear and I lazy to wear.... Interested then email me k.

*Note: Belt, heels and ladder not included hor......mai gai lao niang xng siao....

I knoe I havent been uploading photos recently cos I damn lazy to take photos and upload. But I today upload more...i try....

Met up with Stella to do a show with her. A private function. Never do show never meet, we spend alot of times updating each other.

Theme this time is Executive wear....first time do show wear so much...hahaha

Went to the "Mint Toy Museum" today!

It is nice and clean.....

I love the place but the only thing is I cannot play with any of it... =(

Took about 1 and half hour to finish browsing....

I know "Beatles" are famous.... but dunno they are THAT famous! Got cake display sial....

Simi si Authentic Wig?????

I finally found something I know... I love the cartoon "Felix the cat" I even remember I got a cute little dress with this cat in the front when I was young...aiyo...so xia suay

Ooooo this one for Noelle....

I really dunno Betty Boop got cartoon until today sial...

This person who took a picture of me obviously lack skills...... mong mong one...

Trying to show that the floor damn scary...it took me 1 min before I walk onto it sial....

If u can, pls click it and make it bigger to read this.... I find it a joke lor...What are the people thinking?

Me doing Hopscotch! (correct spelling boh?)Damn long scotch lor....Hop until i give up

I seriously need to cut my fringe but I damn scared..... i haven go for a haircut for very long le.......Oh ya....My tongue doing well! Short....but well!


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yr friend stella is very pretty !
does she have a blog site too?
Eh Apple think i saw u that day. U working at Prudential Event that day ? Coz i took a look at u and then u look back at me but dun dare to call u coz u look busy. btw Benson here. Dunno if u remeber me
hey babe, wad is the measurements of the dress?? interested in the purple one. heh!

email me!
hmm pls go and die?
the executive suit fits you perfectly! where did you get it from. how much?

(either that, or your body is just gawd-damn-good!)haha..
eh. ur that black top damn nice! from wear one!
hello! can u tell us where u went to rebond ur hair? thanks!
interested in the two dress, please mail me at yiingg@gmail.com for payment details. thanks alot.
i like your black top too.. where did you get it? and where did you went to take your photoshoot?
hey you miss me ah, didn't know you will think of me when you saw the bears. Sooooo touched!
Left a email for you on sun about the 2 dresses but no reply from u....can email me at tungchristina@hotmail.com
@_@ the floor is transparent???
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