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Saturday, March 24, 2007

My weekend......

I think u all can stop the enquiry for the dresses cos the first person who mailed me wanted 2 of it.

Thanks so much for asking, i will go dig my cupboard and see got any good finds to sell, k.

Today is a hot day hor.....

I am doing nothing currently....actually, sun i am damn free

Fri night, Andy came to meet me after work.....

We share a bowl of porridge......

I realise it is hard to take nice picture with tongue stud sial....

I from pink change to diamond then change to blue colour but i actually swallow it while eating pizza last night.....

Went to Turquiose room last night!

Wilbert and James.......

Jerome and Mt Ng.....

Some light food first.....

2 new gorgeous friends from work. Adeline and Yvonne!



why u black out your frens' eyes?

look as if they are dead or wat... hahhhhaa...
careful not to chew on ur tongue stud ball bearing. u'll feel like ur teeth will crack.

i hate tt feeling! tt's why i removed my tongue piercing!
u look damn fugly in ur tongue piercing photos do u know that?
babe,try not putting those plastic colored studs cause i also swallow before.clean the studs often also cause its gets dirty easily.
u r mad ....i mean base on wat u always rant abt on ur blog... seriously why do u always put pictures of urself and nothing but ur urgly self, always rant abt u r busy..blah blah blah blah blah..

This may a warning to you but you've the most unstable behaviour among ur other frd's blog.

you need doc gal
i miss mr.ng.. pls post more his photos.. does mr.ng havd his own blog?
U want to email Mr Ng? Ask him to set up his own blog...hahaha
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